Choosing The Right Concealed Carry Weapon

Many people often wonder if they have chosen the right gun to everyday carry. They also have a different opinion then others. In this opinion piece I will break down what I do when choosing a new firearm.

When I am carrying a firearm and gear about a new gun coming out I immediately get the I need it because it’s better feeling. What I have done is created a 5-step process before changing my everyday carry.

My Steps To Choosing A Everyday Carry Gun:

1. Feel

2. Caliber

3. Concealability

4. Price

5. Changing because it’s “better”


So let’s start with the first one, which I believe to be  the most important. When picking up the gun for the first time, what is your reaction? This moment is critical. If you immediately like the feel then I would continue the process. If you get the iffy and I don’t know feeling you should most likely stop here and continue carrying the weapon you already have. If you don’t like the feel your always going to question the gun and yourself when shooting.


For the second factor I believe this to be a personal opinion. I don’t choose a gun because of ammo availability. I choose the caliber based on the shoot ability and knockdown power. I have to be able to shoot comfortably with the caliber based on the recoil. Bigger calibers and small guns seem to have a little bit excessive recoil. I prefer a little bigger weapon if going into a higher caliber like 45. Like I said this is just a personal preference in my opinion.


The ability to conceal usually is based on your body type and how you prefer to carry the weapon. Usually anything under 3” barrels you can easily conceal. Once you pass this mark is when you will need to start considering concealability, holsters, etc.


Pricing usually plays a major role in someones ability to upgrade or even purchase a weapon. As of 2017 you can get a reasonable concealed carry firearm from $300-500 range. It all depends on your budget and if your willing to spend a little more for a little more quality.


Changing your weapon because you think its better is exactly how you become a gun enthusiast. That right there is what I like to call the 2nd weapon to the collection. Most of the time you end up getting the new one and just keep on buying from there.



In the end, you cant have too many guns. If you like the feel and are comfortable shooting the firearm then you have exactly what you need.



About the Author

My name is Travis Fletcher and I'm located in sunny Central Florida. Im a gun enthusiast that has been shooting for over 20 years. Over the years I have created multiple websites about the shooting industry. I always look forward to meeting people who enjoy shooting and hunting as much as I do. If you would like to know any more information about me feel free to send me an email.

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