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Ruger SR9c Compact Pistol: Simple yet extraordinary

Ruger SR9c is a carry handgun perfect for men and women. Its durability comes with a lot of features that make it easy to handle yet reliable. Its slide is made of alloy steel and has non-reflective black nitrate finish making it ideal for use even at bright lighted place. Its weight, length, and height are 23.40 oz., 6.85 inches, 4.61 inches, respectively. From this you can say that compared to other, SR9c is lightweight and slim. It is the compact pistol ready to fit your pockets during a normal day. Its grip is 1.27 inches in width and framed by a glass-filled nylon, therefore allows excellent gun control and minimizes recoil. Its capacity and grip size is flexible because of its standard magazine and second magazine that can hold 10 rounds and 17 rounds, respectively. The standard magazine is accessorized with a finger grip extension while the second magazine with grip adapter.

Pic1Target acquisition is enhanced by its high-visibility 3 dot sight system that can be easily adjusted for elevation and air resistance. Compared to other pistons, SR9c compact pistons are equipped with serrations on the front slide portion which allows shooters to easily manipulate it while press checking the chambers. It is also equipped with safety features namely 1911 –style ambidextrous manual safety, trigger safety, tactile loaded chamber indicator, and striker blocker, magazine disconnect, and internal trigger bar interlock.

Since it has short barrel and slide, SR9c semi-automatic pistol employs guide rod and dual captured recoil spring, making it highly dependable. This easy to use, durable, lightweight, and reliable compact pistol is one of the most advisable guns for woman. Despite providing women shooters low-maintenance handgun, the gun’s accessories and safety features are its edge to other carry handgun. This 9mm pistol is really amazing because it is dependable and most of all, simple for handling and shooting.

MG3 Machine Gun

The MG3 machine gun is an all-purpose machine gun and has been used as a squad support weapon and a vehicle mounted machine gun. The MG3 machine gun is designed perfectly as a cubicle for the 7.62 x 51 mm NATO cartridge. More so, the MG3 machine was manufactured by a Germany Firm. It has many variations and it is used by the armed forces in about thirty countries.Pic10

Specifications and Designs

The MG3 machine gun is known to be one of the most dangerous weapons in the world. It is capable to shoot 1000-1300 rounds per minute by using 7.62 calibers within an effective range of 1200 meters. The MG3 is an automatic machine gun, which is air-cooled, belt-fed and it has a short-recoil. It has a roller bolt mechanism. The machine gun has a bolt head, a pair of rollers, a striker sleeve, a bolt body and a return spring. The MG3 is safe to use because it has a wedge shaped striker sleeve which can be used to secure the bolt. This makes the MG3 safest to use, sparing you the trouble of worrying about its bolt.

The MG3 submachine guns are fired or shoot from an open bolt. The rate can be changed by putting different recoil springs and bolts. The machine gun feeds from its left side by a feed block using a metal if ever you run out of bullets. It is also easy to manage and handle and to monitor the number of available ammunitions by using the clear drum at the back. The MG3 is also easy to use because the user need not worry about running out of bullets because the MG3 machine gun has a quick-change and a chrome-lined barrel. It has a muzzle device which is placed at the end of the barrel. The muzzle device acts as a flash suppressor, muzzle brake and recoil booster.

The MG3 machine gun has many variations. Its design also includes an artificial polymer stock, a folding Bipod and an open type iron sights. The sights setting ranges from 200 to 1200 meters.

Walter PP or Police Pistol

The Walter PP or the Polizeipistol or Police Pistol was designed and manufactured by the German gun manufacturer named Walter. The Police Pistol is a blow back operated and semi-automatic series of pistols. It is one of the most successful double action and semi-automatic pistols copied today. The Police Pistol is reliable and easy to hide for safety purposes, so that other people won’t see it.Pic8

Design and Specification

The Police Pistol is furnished with an exposed hammer. Other special features of the PP or Police Pistol are: the traditional double-action trigger mechanism, a single-column magazine and a fixed barrel feature. The fixed barrel serves as a guide rod for the recoil spring. The pistol, uses a simple blow back action. Some safety features like firing pin block and loaded chamber indicator is furnished in this PP series. The weight and length of the pistol vary according to its design. The average muzzle velocity of the straight blow back PP is 256 m/s. The iron sights with rear notch and blade in front are fixed. The magazine feed capacity differs based on the kind and variety of the gun. It usually ranges from 7 to 10. The cartridge used 0.32 ACP, 0.380 CP and 0.25 ACP.

The Police Pistol has five variants: the PPK, PPK-L, PPKS, PP-Super and PPK/E. Among the 5 variants, the most popular is the PPK. For instance, Adolf Hitler used the PPK when he committed suicide in Berlin. The PPK was also used by James Bond films and also Ian Fleming’s novel. The most advanced version among other variants is the PPK/E. However, one disadvantage in using this version is that the magazine cannot be interchanged with the other PP versions. The latest version of the PP and the new PPK/ series is the Smith and Wesson.

FN F2000: World’s Dangerous Rifle

The FN F2000 is considered as the seventh most dangerous gun in the world because it is gas operated. It was designed and created in Belgium by FN Herstal. It was first displayed in Abu Dhabi during the IDEX defense exhibition last 2001. The FN F2000 gun has three variants that you can choose.

Pic6FN F2000 is a fully automatic 5.56 x 45 mm NATO bullpop assault rifle.

FN F2000 has two main assemblies, the barrel, receiver group and the frame. The assemblies are connected by an axis pin. It has a removable hand guard, which is in front of the trigger and which also encloses the trigger guard. The shooter can shoot the target within a 500 meters range by using a 5.50 caliber. It can also fire 850 for every minute.

FN F2000 safety system and the trigger “mechereceiceranism” followed the previous gun P90 Personal Defense Weapon. The weapon can easily be secured from accidental firing when the fire selector becomes the weapon manual safety. The trigger ceased to function when the setting is adjusted to “safe” mode. The shell or frame of the rifle is made of combined materials. Most of its parts are made of nylon injection molding, however, its hammer, group pins and springs are made of steel.
FN F2000 rifle has no hold-open device; hence, the bolt does not stay back after firing the last round. It has a weapon sight located in the receiver which has a fixed magnification of 1.6 xs. Its reticle does not allow the rifle to be used in low light conditions. FN F2000 has a grenade launcher with standard velocity of 40 x 46 mm grenades. The grenade launcher’s trigger was placed under the F2000 trigger to make it easy to use without giving problems to the users.

Bersa’s Lightweight Fierce Gun

Thunder 380 is a small semi-automatic and lightweight pistol series of the .380 ACP caliber which was introduced by Bersa, an Argentine gun manufacturer. Thunder 380 design was patterned after the Beretta 70 pistol and the Walter PPK. It can be purchased by as low as fifty percent price of the PPK pistol. The Thunder 380 is concealed and is specially made for civilian used.Pic5


Thunder 380, a 9mm gun is widely used in South America. It is advisable that civilians use the .380 ACP cartridges, to get its maximum power. The regular version of Thunder 380 can be fed up with a 7, 9 or 10 round single stack magazines. The Thunder 380 is the most in demand version which can be fed with an eight round single stacks magazine. The muzzle velocity is up to 1050 ft. per second, which is just perfect for both the civilians and security offices in the country.


The frame of the Thunder 380 is made with aluminum alloy which explains why the pistol is lightweight. The weight of Thunder 380 never affects its ability to tame recoil. It is also perfect for female users because of the size of its frame. Its frame best suit the female firers because they can use the pistol comfortably even as they shoot. The size of the frames does not matter because the magazine was designed with an extra section to accommodate all the fingers of the shooter. You should not also worry about being hammered-bitten because the frame provides a long rearward tang over the grips. Just like other concealed guns on the market, there are other safety features that can be found in the Thunder 380. Furthermore, an automatic firing pin block can be found in some versions of the Thunder 380.

How To Pick The Right Ammo, For The Right Duck

Wildfowling has become both a science and a sport for many bird hunters. With different shot materials, ammo and pellet shapes and configurations surrounding the market, most hunters are puzzled as to which is best for a particular bird hunting. Below is a quick guide on how to make your shell buying as easy as possible:

For Small Ducks

Use a shell from Kent TealSteel with 12 ga., 3-in., 1,350 fps, 1 ¼ oz., No.5 & 6 steel in order to have a effective range of up to 30 yards. In addition, this type of shell has a recoil of about 35 ft.-lb. Its suggested retail price at $12 per 25 rounds is cost effective for this speedster’s size and erratic flight. Further, the small pellets are perfect to fill a wide pattern from a Skeet or Improved Cylinder-choke gun.


For Medium Ducks

The best shell to use with medium size ducks is Federal Black Cloud with 12 ga., 3 in., 1,450 fps, 1 ¼ oz., No.3. Or you may choose the Winchester DryLok that has a 12 ga., 3 in., 1,265 fps, 1 3/8 oz., No.3 with an added range effectivity of 50 yards. The expected recoil range is 39 ft.-lb., a very affordable shell for its $23 per round price market. This type of shell is an excellent choice for an all-around swatter load with good pattern density and power over most normal ranges.

For Large Ducks

The Remington HyperSonic Steel is the ultimate choice for large ducks with 12 ga., 3 in., 1,700 fps, 1 ¼ oz., No. 2 specs. Furthermore, a 50 yard effectivity range is perfect for duck hunting and a recoil of 52 ft.-lb. for only at $26 per 25 rounds. This type of shell increases the effective killing range on most large duck in the wild due to its high velocity level.