Gun Ownership: It’s All About Responsibility!

Gun Ownership: It’s All About


Evil things – this is what some people would say when asked about they think about guns. With the prevalence of gun violence in some parts of the world, it is easy to give in and just accept this as the absolute truth. If you trace back its history, the gunpowder used in guns was invented by the Chinese not for the purpose of creating violence, but as a treatment for wounds. It was only later that people discovered that gun powder can be used as an ammunition for cannons and guns. It is true, guns were created originally as a means to fight other men in the battlefield.


This became the weapon of choice because its speed is unmatched and until now, there is no such weapon that could rival its performance. But man was not the brute creature he was once in the past (at least for most). Guns are still used in the military but civilians are also using these for sports and recreational activities like hunting.

Who is Qualified to Have One?

Know thy self! This is the first rule of thumb of gun ownership. Those involved in gun violence are people who have exhibited disturbing behaviors prior the said incident. A high IQ is not always an indication that one is a perfect candidate. Some recorded incidents of gun violence involved people who have more than an average IQ. After suffering from trauma, they lost their sanity and this prompted them to act irrationally. It can be difficult to determine if a person is qualified to be allowed ownership of a gun most of the time.What one feels on different occasions greatly vary. A person who feels overly exaggerated feelings of remorse on simple offenses should stay away from guns. The same can also be said about people who have elevated feelings of self-importance and think that they can get away with everything they do. Remember, one false move and a person could end up being hurt.

Getting a License

A license is not always necessary in order for a person to carry a firearm. Rules imposed will vary depending on country and states, and these may even be subject to the discretion of local authorities. Countries like Yemen, United States and Czech Republic are lenient when it comes to gun ownership while stricter rules are imposed in certain countries like China, South Korea and United Kingdom. For the countries that impose gun licenses, a background check is often a common requirement. However, it may be possible to get a license without taking this since a transaction between a seller and a buyer may allow one to get a gun without undergoing a background check. For states and countries that require a gun license, take note that failure to get one will have its corresponding sanctions and is punishable by law. A gun license is not a permission to shoot and kill. This is awarded on the condition that the gun will only be used following the conditions imposed by the law.

Becoming an Expert User

A gun is not a toy. It’s a weapon that could hurt people. The movies may have misled people into believing that there really is no big deal about its use. It’s not a child’s play that people could learn to use with their eyes closed. Depending on the gun, this will need to be handled accordingly. Its user must become familiar with its components, how to dismantle and operate this. It is vital that this too should be fired while exercising the correct posture. The fastest way to learn how to use a gun is to get training from an expert user. It is common for firs-time users to miss their aim. Even old-timers do this occasionally. This can be remedied with constant practice.