Gun Holster Options For Concealed Carry

In the recent years we have seen more and more holster makers storming the gun industry.  The options to carry concealed are now better then ever. I have listed a couple of different options and I will discuss each option in depth and compare the models.


Inside The Waistband (Clip-On) – Pro Carry HD

Pro Carry HD Black FrontThe following model is called the Pro Carry HD from The Holster Store. This model is a clip-on inside the waistband leather holster. This model is great for those who need to carry concealed and live in hot climates. The holster is compact and is easy to take on or off. This particular holster is molded exactly to the weapon which is the reason it does not have a strap going over the top. The mold gives the holster enough retention to keep it from falling out of your pants while doing any outside activity.

While this is a great option for those wanting to carry a weapon inside the waistband it can have some disadvantages. When carrying inside the pants you will normally need your pants to be a tad bit larger so that you can have enough room for the gun. Another reason inside the waistband might not be your desired carry option is because of it digging or jabbing into your side. Some manufacturers offer a slide guard feature OR a cant option which protect the person from this happening to them.

The slide guard is a piece of leather that comes up the side of a holster and covers the top portion of the gun. This keeps the features or buttons of the gun from digging into your side.

The cant option comes in forward or reverse. Moving the butt of the pistol forward or backward depending on the carry style you prefer. If carrying right behind the hip, the forward option is normally selected. The reverse cant is usually chosen when the carry style is crossdraw. These two options can eliminate the gun sticking straight up and jabbing into your ribs while giving you a easier draw position.

Outside The Waistband – Belt Slide – Pro Carry 7

ProCarry7The Pro Carry 7 from The Holster Store is a perfect example of a holster worn on the outside of the pants on the belt. For those who live in colder climates and often wear a light jacket or sweater this option is very common.
This style holster can come with or without a thumb snap that locks the pistol inside the holster for better retention. Like the Pro Carry HD this holster is also specifically molded to your weapon to provide superior retention. Tightening of the belt will also keep the pistol sturdy on the waistline and have natural draw position.

Depending on which leather maker you choose the holster can be made in various ways. Some holsters let the barrel be exposed and some completely sew the bottom shut. This is more of a personal preference and is not something to ultimately consider when looking for a functioning outside the pants holster.

Most models of this type come with a built in forward cant. This give the holster a perfect draw and allows for easy one hand reholstering. The cant will vary depending on which manufacturer you choose for your leather holster.


Small of Back – Pro Carry SOB

Pro Carry SOB EbayThe following carry method is one of the most controversial styles in the industry. Carrying the weapon in the small of your back is often criticized for two reasons.

The first issue people have with carrying the weapon in the small of the back is how they are carrying it. For example in the picture of the left a person would have to reach behind them with their palm facing away from their back. When drawing the weapon you would have to sweep the gun across your body which many consider dangerous. While this is one of the most comfortable and popular ways to carry in the small of the back, you will most likely hear people argue it is wrong.

Another way to carry the pistol is with the pistol facing the other way with a extreme forward cant. This can be awkward and very hard to draw depending on how flexible your arms are.

When choosing your carry option always go with what is most comfortable and feels right. The worst thing you can do is be uncomfortable.






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