How To Pick The Right Ammo, For The Right Duck

Wildfowling has become both a science and a sport for many bird hunters. With different shot materials, ammo and pellet shapes and configurations surrounding the market, most hunters are puzzled as to which is best for a particular bird hunting. Below is a quick guide on how to make your shell buying as easy as possible:

For Small Ducks

Use a shell from Kent TealSteel with 12 ga., 3-in., 1,350 fps, 1 ¼ oz., No.5 & 6 steel in order to have a effective range of up to 30 yards. In addition, this type of shell has a recoil of about 35 ft.-lb. Its suggested retail price at $12 per 25 rounds is cost effective for this speedster’s size and erratic flight. Further, the small pellets are perfect to fill a wide pattern from a Skeet or Improved Cylinder-choke gun.


For Medium Ducks

The best shell to use with medium size ducks is Federal Black Cloud with 12 ga., 3 in., 1,450 fps, 1 ¼ oz., No.3. Or you may choose the Winchester DryLok that has a 12 ga., 3 in., 1,265 fps, 1 3/8 oz., No.3 with an added range effectivity of 50 yards. The expected recoil range is 39 ft.-lb., a very affordable shell for its $23 per round price market. This type of shell is an excellent choice for an all-around swatter load with good pattern density and power over most normal ranges.

For Large Ducks

The Remington HyperSonic Steel is the ultimate choice for large ducks with 12 ga., 3 in., 1,700 fps, 1 ¼ oz., No. 2 specs. Furthermore, a 50 yard effectivity range is perfect for duck hunting and a recoil of 52 ft.-lb. for only at $26 per 25 rounds. This type of shell increases the effective killing range on most large duck in the wild due to its high velocity level.

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