Auto Ordnance Thompson 1911 TC

The Auto Ordnance Thompson 1911 TC was developed by Auto Ordnance in 2008. Despite the fact that a lot of new cartridges and much improved handguns and equipment had risen, the company had surprised the world again with this new model. The gun was a product of the company’s goal to provide the consumers a pistol with custom touches at an affordable price. Aside from the stainless steel 1911 TC, the company had also released other line of 1911 handguns which is the two Parkerized guns.

About The Company

Auto Ordnance was founded by retired Colonel John T. Thompson of the US Ordnance Department in 1916. Its main goal is to develop and engineer arms and weapons to be used in the US. This company found its fame when they released the Thompson Machine Gun or commonly called as Tommy Gun. The Tommy Gun was a notorious gangster weapon used by Bonnie and Clyde in 1920s. Though the gun was known for its indecent use, the gun was still the favored military weapon of the Allied Forces in World War II. Due to the uncontrollable circumstances in the war, the company has fallen. It was revived in 1999 when Kahr Arms bought it.



The 1911 TC is a 45 ACP standard-size Government Model pistol with 9 in stainless steel barrel that weighs 39 oz. It is a short-recoil, semi-automatic pistol that is ideal for peace keeping departments in the government. It has a single column detachable box magazine which has a capacity of seven rounds. A 5 lb force is needed to pull the trigger. Sighting is by way of dovetailed rear and front. The rear sight is adjustable for windage. This gun comes with a black plastic case, owner’s manual, cable lock and fired case. No malfunctions are observed so far.


The slide of this gun is made with stainless steel and is framed with satin matte finish. The rounded corners are assigned in perfect angles. The surface finish is flawless and a lot of desirable improvements are made in this gun. Other components have a glass-beaded finish and are either made with stainless steel or chrome-molly steel. The grip features the Auto Ordnance Thompson medallion logo which was laminated by double-diamond lamination. It is checkered in a bordered point pattern. The hammer was designed for combat. It was toothed on the top although out the rear for a better shooting even if the shooter is using gloves. The trigger is skeletonized and is adjustable. The thumb safety can be located on the left side of the gun. It was made larger for easy operation. The magazine release is checkered and is extended so that the shooter doesn’t have to fumble for it. For easy hoistering, the sight profile is kept low.

This gun is a first-class. It can shoot pretty well. It is well designed and engineered. Getting all these features in one gun for $800 is more than finding gold in a treasure box.

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