Security with a Trigger

Security and freedom are expensive necessities that everyone is willing to give everything for. This necessity leads to the making of weapons. There are different kinds of weapon available nowadays but the most common of its form are the guns. Guns are usually with high muzzle velocity and comparatively flat trajectory. Through the ages, guns have evolved. It now comes in all sizes, from cannons to small fire arms that suits the need of the owner.


Rifles are one of the many kinds of gun. It is designed to be fired from the shoulder. Its barrel is in helical pattern which cuts into the barrel walls. Before, rifles can only fire one projectile with each pull of the trigger. Modern rifle can shot multiple projectiles in just one pull. Today, automatic rifles have been produced. It is not the same with the machine guns but machine guns are an adaptation from it.

Shotgun, like rifle, is designed to be fired from the shoulder. Unlike rifles, shotguns are use for short-range targets. It is designed to shoot a spread of shots at moving targets while the rifles are designed to shoot one point with favorable accuracy.

Handguns are another kind of gun. The handgun barrel is much shorter than a rifle or shotgun barrel. Unlike the rifle and shotgun, this gun is designed to be shot while being held with one or both hands. The pattern of this gun have helical pattern which is similar to the rifles.

No matter how helpful a gun is it has also its cons. Though the government is doing everything to put things in control, many cases of killings are due to recklessness of handling guns. Instead of providing security, it provides terror to the innocent victims of innumerable crimes. Remember, the deadliest weapon is not a gun but a gun in the hands of a mad man. Vigilance and discipline will always be the key to security.

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