AS50 0.50 Sniper: The World’s Super Sniper

AS50 sniper which was specially created by the British Firearms Producer Accuracy International is perfect and reliable to cold shot. It was intended for the security agencies and the armed forces. More so, the AS50 sniper or anti-material rifle was made to combat a continuous military battle formation. This tough and reliable AS50 sniper is easy to maintain.
Design and Specifications

The AS50 sniper with an estimated round of up to 5 rounds of 0.50 BMG can be produced in 1.6 seconds. It has an optical sight which is installed in the two part machine steel receiver which consist the accessory rail. AS50 sniper can still be used efficiently even in an unstable setting because its adjustable Bipod and the rear support leg or hand grip can help maintain its stability and strength. It has an accuracy of 1.5 MOA and can hit targets within a range of 1500 meters. It was designed to give shooters a chance to hit their targets perfectly even at a very long range by using explosives or incendiary ammunition.

AS50 0.50 snipers are handy, ergonomic and can be disassembled in a matter of three minutes only. It has a proofed steel action which is connected to the Aluminum Chassis for ease of use. The frame of the AS50 sniper is made of lightweight Titanium. Its light weight barrel has made the AS50 efficient to use.
If empty, the S50 0.50 sniper weighs 14.1 kilograms. It has a single stack magazine. The magazine box of the AS50 sniper is removable which makes it easy to handle.

AS50 0.50 snipers has two position safety and integrated quick adjust butt spike. The two stage trigger can be adjusted. It weighs 1.5 and 2 kilograms. It has also a triple chamber muzzle break and comes with different accessories.

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