Bersa’s Lightweight Fierce Gun

Thunder 380 is a small semi-automatic and lightweight pistol series of the .380 ACP caliber which was introduced by Bersa, an Argentine gun manufacturer. Thunder 380 design was patterned after the Beretta 70 pistol and the Walter PPK. It can be purchased by as low as fifty percent price of the PPK pistol. The Thunder 380 is concealed and is specially made for civilian used.Pic5


Thunder 380, a 9mm gun is widely used in South America. It is advisable that civilians use the .380 ACP cartridges, to get its maximum power. The regular version of Thunder 380 can be fed up with a 7, 9 or 10 round single stack magazines. The Thunder 380 is the most in demand version which can be fed with an eight round single stacks magazine. The muzzle velocity is up to 1050 ft. per second, which is just perfect for both the civilians and security offices in the country.


The frame of the Thunder 380 is made with aluminum alloy which explains why the pistol is lightweight. The weight of Thunder 380 never affects its ability to tame recoil. It is also perfect for female users because of the size of its frame. Its frame best suit the female firers because they can use the pistol comfortably even as they shoot. The size of the frames does not matter because the magazine was designed with an extra section to accommodate all the fingers of the shooter. You should not also worry about being hammered-bitten because the frame provides a long rearward tang over the grips. Just like other concealed guns on the market, there are other safety features that can be found in the Thunder 380. Furthermore, an automatic firing pin block can be found in some versions of the Thunder 380.

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