Mossberg 464 SPX – Tactical 30 30 Lever Action

This has to be one of the craziest, insane, and badass toys on the market right now. The Mossberg 464 SPX tactical lever action. The gun comes with a synthetic stock, with a M4 style butt stock, triple rail forearm that allows you to adjust the cheek rest, and a butt pad that reduces the recoil. The gun has fiber optics and comes in 30 30 carbine.  This makes for one hell of a zombie slayer!






Mossberg has been known to come out with some of the craziest ideas and this my friends is exactly that. Insane! I think Mossberg is going to sell their fair share of this rifle and including the ZMB to the receiver is going to add lots of new zombie slaying customers!


You can get your hands on this lever action for just around $425 which isn’t that bad!


  1. frankgon4 says:

    I cannot find anyone actually selling this rifle. I cannot find any reviews where someone actually firet this rifle.

    • Travis says:

      It will take time for this rifle to actually get on the market. It is going to take about 3-4 months for them to start shipping them out. Most gun manufactures tend to keep you waiting for months. Very common.