S&W Shield Yourself – April 12, 2012 Release

Smith & Wesson is coming out with something new on April 12, 2012. They are slowly releasing tips and clues that can be found on their Facebook page. Many are saying it is going to be a single stack 9mm compact. Which in our opinion would be the best option for Smith & Wesson. Take a look at the new tease video they have released.

The words “Shield Yourself” is repeated over and over.





Sig Sauer 224

Sig Sauer 224

Sig Sauer 224



Many have been awaiting the release of this new toy out from Sig Sauer. As the SHOT Show approaches, the SIG P224 appears to be closer to reality.

The SIG SAUER P224 is a subcompact pistol in the classic SIG series (P226, etc.).  The new guns will be double stack pistols chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG. MSRP on the guns is more than $1000, but expect to see them sell for less through your local retailer.

All three chamberings of the P224 will share the same features and specs, save one:  magazine capacity.  The 9mm will have 11 round magazines, while the .40 S&W and .357 SIG will have 10 round magazines.  All models will ship with two magazines.

The SIG P224 frames will be aluminum with a black anodized finish.  Slides and barrels will be stainless steel.  The slide will have the typical Nitron finish.  Unloaded, the guns weigh 25.4 ounces with the magazine.  Early reports indicated the weight could be as much as 34 ounces, which never made any sense since the P229 only weighs 32 oz.


The Sig 224 is going to be in competition up against the new Ruger Lc9, Diamondback DB9, Glock, and other companies who are putting out some of the smallest 9mm pistols on the market. Each year these guns get smaller and smaller. With that in mind how do we even begin to choose which one to get?

We believe that 2012 is going to be one of the best years for gun manufactures. With the election and people wanting to get more compact pistols, companies like Sig and Ruger are in store for one profitable year.

Obama on the Second Amendment

Any American citizen who honors the Second Amendment cannot support the re-election of President Barack Obama 2012.
Any American citizen who honors the Second Amendment truly understands that we are entitled to sell, possess and operate firearms as a means of sport under the constraints of local ordinances or as a means of protection whether against criminal forces or government oppression.
Today, we have an American President​ with a long and shocking history of suppressing gun rights, yet claims to be a Second Amendment hero.  He does this for one reason and one reason only: Obama wants to win re-election. After all, suppressing gun rights is not a popular stance among the average American, particularly now when government largesse has tripled and people are becoming more and more dubious that excess controls is the solution to a bad economy.  In fact, there is an undercurrent of Americans who are sick and tired of politicians turning their backs on the Constitution in their attempts to manage our lives and money, and are calling, no screaming, for a return of Constitutional principles of governing.
Now if those same politicians who turn a blind eye to the constraints placed upon them in the Constitution are successful in taking our guns away, we will find an America vulnerable to tyrannical government; a situation that will mark the beginning of the end of our Republic.
Here are the black and white facts revealed in Obama’s public record on gun control (Source: OnTheIssues.org):

•    During a primary debate in 2008, Obama confirms his support for the D.C. law prohibiting ownership of handguns, and then contradicts himself by saying “I never favored an all-out ban of handguns,” even though a 1996 signed document says he does.
•    At a fundraiser in 2008, Obama explains why some people are not supportive of his candidacy, saying they “get bitter” and “they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”
•    At a 2008 Democrat debate, Obama erroneously asserts that placing restraints on gun owners will reduce the rate of shooting in Chicago public schools.
•    In 2007, Obama voted for a bill that permits concealed carry for retired law enforcement officials, but is adamantly opposed to concealed carry permits for American citizens.
•    At a 2007 Presidential primary forum Obama blames gun manufacturers for “dumping guns in our communities.”
•    In The Audacity of Hope​, Obama writes that keeping guns out of inner cities is a moral responsibility.
•     In 2005, Obama voted no on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers.
•    At a 2004 Senate debate, Obama says the failure of Bush to not authorize a renewal of the assault weapons ban is scandalous and that “assault weapons have only one purpose, to kill people.”
•    In 2004, Obama acts against a bill that protects property owners from home invasions.
•    In 2000, Obama unsuccessfully sought to limit gun purchases to one per month.
Indeed the President has two strikes against him.  First, he misleads the public for political purposes by pretending to support the Second Amendment; and second, the public record shows a President that clearly does not honor the Second Amendment.


Spread the word:  President Obama is anti-Second Amendment and undeserving of re-election.

Source: Human Events -

Santorum accuses Ron Paul backers of negative robocalls

Rick Santorum, at his event at a Boone Pizza Ranch, just accused Ron Paul supporters of being behind negative robo-calls suggesting the former senator is anti-Second Amendment.

“Someone is out making robo-calls, suggesting I am anti-Second Amendment,” said Santorum, adding that voters should tell: “Whoever is (doing that), Ron Paul (to stop).”

He added, “I’m a staunch defender of the Second Amendment.”

He accused Paul of taking votes that would have made the nation’s gun-rights protections “hollow.”

“That’s why Democrats are voting for Ron Paul in these caucuses, he does better for Democrats than he does for Republicans,” Santorum added.

Our Soldiers Coming Home

I think that it is very important for us to celebrate the lives of those who serve our wonderful nation. Please share this with your friends and let them see just how hard it is to leave your family and go off to a warzone. We personally want to thank every single soldier and all of those who have died for this country. THANK YOU!


Shot Show 2012

2012 Shot Show


We are finally only one month away from the 2012 SHOT SHOW. The important dates for this event is:

January 17-20th
Sands Expo Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

With the 2011 SHOT SHOW being a record breaking trade show, we can only imagine the turnout that 2012 is going to bring us. Every year thousands of people across the country come to see what new products are coming out for shooting enthusiasts. The SHOT SHOW is know to be one of the largest trade shows for gun store owners. This is the time of the year that weapon manufactures go above and beyond to win the business of retail gun stores. Do not miss your chance to see what the manufactures have been working on all year!


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With gun sales on the rise for the past 16 months, this could be one of the best years for the SHOT SHOW. The shooting industry is already bringing in just over 4 billion dollars to the U.S. Economy, and continues to grow. Most gun store owners believe that 2012 just might be the biggest year the industry will see. With the election right around the corner and more liberals pushing for more gun control, gun sales are not going to start decreasing anytime soon.