Bushmaster .450

Bushmaster .450 Rifle


Bushmaster’s  newest rifle – the .450 Bushmaster – in combination with the .450 Bushmaster  cartridge developed specifically for it by Hornady Manufacturing, has proven to  be a deadly tool for the increasing numbers of hog hunters in the USA.

Feral hogs  are widespread across the USA with 39 States, and 4 Canadian provinces,  harboring breeding populations. The US national population is estimated at  4,000,000 animals, with annual agricultural damage from feral swine estimated  at $52 million! They are prolific, adaptable, and hardy, and their population  growth has led to the development of Hog Hunting as a predominant sport in many  States – especially the Southeast, down into Florida, and West into Texas,  Missouri and Arkansas.

The Bushmaster .450 was developed to bring the power of a  big bore caliber to the Bushmaster AR-type firearms platform. Nicknamed, “The  Thumper,” the new .450

Bushmaster is the most radical cartridge ever chambered  in a production AR-15 type firearm, and this innovation will open a whole new  world of hunting to the battleproven platform.

Hornady  engineers, working closely with the design team from Bushmaster, built the new  .450 Bushmaster cartridge to wring every last ounce of performance from the  AR-15 platform without sacrificing strength or reliability. This cartridge is  well suited to hunting any game in North America and will quickly become a  favorite of guides in bear country. With the flexibility of the AR type platform –  by simply switching UpperReceiver Assemblies – the hunter can go from the  prairie dog towns of South Dakota to Kodiak country in Alaska! The .450  Bushmaster fires Hornady’s 0.452″ 250 gr. SST bullet with “Flex Tip  technology”. The overall cartridge length matches the .223 Remington at  2.250″, and the bullet profile makes for surprisingly flat trajectories  and tremendous downrange energy. The new, soft polymer tipped  SST bullet eliminates tip deformation and also initiates expansion over a wide range  of impact velocities. Put it all together, and you have a cartridge that will  give your AR series rifle a serious attitude adjustment!

While the  Bushmaster .450 bullet can pass right through a tough hog easily, the impact  energy released will most often result in one shot kills. Should it hit some  solid bone, it will mushroom out – to 150% of its original diameter in this  case – yet still retain most of its mass (70 % this example). This is why it’s  called “the Thumper”! Surprisingly, given the 250 grain bullet weight, and the  powder charge hefty enough to propel it at 2200 fps, the recoil of the  Bushmaster .450 is not too heavy – much like that of a 20 gauge shotgun

The new round is drawing a special crowd of people in and is starting to get people asking if they need to step up to the new .450 Bushmaster.


Bushmaster .450

Bushmaster .450