Jan 15, 2013 – Obama On Gun Control

On January 15, 2013 President Barack Obama will announce the White House plans for more gun control. Gun owners are going to be facing tough changes and unconstitutional bills trying to revoke the rights of armed American citizens. Americans will be told straight to their faces that guns are harmful and they have caused tremendous damage. They are weapons only to be used for war and not by American citizens who already fought for this country. They are to be used by the selected few to protect the elite only (Obamas family, Bloomberg, etc)

As Americans, brothers and sisters, and as one nation under God, we can not allow this to happen. Our country is up against one of the most important issues of all time. The President of The United States has voiced that he will take whatever necessary actions to see that guns are not able to get into the hands of people. If this means by starting with banning magazines, online sales of ammo, or doing a volunteer gun buy back program.

At this very moment, we need to stand together, call on one another, voice our opinions to others, and protect our right to bear arms for our rights are close to being stripped away. Our Second Amendment which was written by are Four Founding Fathers is in the spotlight of hurt Americans who believe that weapons kill and people do not.

We need to let these people know just how important it is to be able to defend yourself. We need to defend our arguments with facts and true statements. We must not anger these people, but simply enlighten and teach them. Concerned citizens are wanting answers not necessarily actions. We must fight for what is ours and we must not let anyone take it away because of political gain, control, and reputation points.

Contact congress, friends, and family. The NRA is just one of the few organizations that will be able to help us in our fight against more control. Reach out to different groups and even take time to listen to someone who is against guns. Explain the reasons why guns save life with emotion and facts. Speak words of wisdom, integrity, and honesty. The key is to get your point across without sounding juvenile.

With that said, I hope everyone finds this message and shares it with others. We need to stay together and stay strong.


Top 5 Finds At Gun Shows

It is super common to hear from a friend that they went to a gun show and picked up such and such that they have been looking for. I have gathered a quick list of items you might just be better off buying or finding at a gun show.


Gun show


1. Magazine

Magazines are tough to come by. Manufactures are too busy building the weapons that are flying off the shelves. They don’t have the time to make enough magazines for everyone that wants extra. It is very common to come across a extra magazine at a gun show. Another problem is older weapons. Most of the time over the years you tend to loose or misplace that magazine for your old gun. Most gun stores don’t carry them rare ones. Going to the gun show is going to be your best bet. They tend to have a large variety of magazine to choose from.


2. AR15

Planning on purchasing a AR15? Your best bet is to head to the show and see what they have available. If you don’t buy anything you will at the very least get a good idea of what you want and the price you are willing to pay for one. Gun shows are usually slammed packed with this style rifle with a large variety of accessories.


3. Old Revolvers

A PERFECT place to find the old revolver you have been looking for. Gun shows tend to have all of the best deals on the old revolvers. Especially if you want a S&W 19, Colt Python, or any other old school revolver.


4. Ammo

It super cheap and you are able to buy it in bulk. The more ammo you buy the cheaper. Gun shows have thousands of rounds on hand at a low price. Most of the time you will find it super cheap. Not only can you purchase a large amount of ammo but you are more likely to find the ammo that your local gun store refuses to carry.

5. Parts

I’m sure everyone can agree with me on this one. The old guy in the back with nothing but buckets of unlabeled parts. Yes, this guy has saved me 2-3 times. It seems that if you cant order a part, this guy always has just what you are looking for. If he doesn’t he will the next time you come.


Well that’s just a couple reasons people enjoy their local gun shows. Do us all a favor and support your local gun show. Attending is all you have to do!

Stay Away – USAammo.com Review –




After being constantly spammed from this company and disregarding e-mail I sent them to stop, I decided to go out and do a little research on the company. Within five minutes of typing in “usaammo” in Google, I quickly realized the reputation this company has built. A VERY BAD ONE. Not only do they spam gun web sites with their website but they continue to rip people off all over the country. I have compiled a simple list of links that will give you just a little taste of how this company does business.


Complaint 1

Complaint 2 – Ammo Destroys weapon?


They seem not only to be careless with their quality but customer service skills as well. They have proved numerous times that their business practices are not professional and seem not to even care. With the internet becoming a place for customers to voice their opinion about products & customer service, this company is heading in a downward spiral.


Spamming gun sites are not going to get you anywhere! It is going to hurt your online business and will not give you any positive advertisement. We here at usagunblog plan to pass on your business practices to all we know.  At anytime this company wants to respond to my e-mails – I will be more than glad to remove this from this blog –