Purchasing Guns Online Vs. Your Local Gun Store

This question seems to be raised from time to time if you are searching around on any gun forums. People are starting to purchase more guns online rather then their local gun store. There are many reason why people are doing this.

The main reason people are choosing to purchase online is because of the price. Most online gun stores have a very low profit margin. This helps be competitive. Most online gun purchases are only $10-30 over cost. This beats any local gun store price by far. Local gun stores are not able to match this price because they have more bills to pay at the end of the month. Their prices need to be competitive. It will keep your customers spending money in your store and keep you from having transfers. If you have to order a gun in for a customer because you dont have it in stock, you might want to be very competitive with the price.


Another reason why people choose to purchase online is because of availability. If your local gun store does not have or cant get the gun you are looking for, you are going to purchase online. This is very common. Some people don’t want to wait 5 months until the local gun store can order it in. They consumer wants it now. If you get someone looking for a older gun this is going to be very common.


The last reason I believe consumers rather purchase online is because most gun store clerks/owners don’t understand the meaning of customer service. They treat customers with disrespect and make the environment uncomfortable. With the economy being as bad as it is, this is something I am going to stress local gun stores to change. Treating customers badly is going to hurt your business. The number one advertising in the gun industry is word of mouth. I can almost guarantee you that if you treat a customer with bad service they are going to let everyone know. Its a hobby, not a need. Your customer service better be a par, or you might just go out of business.


Online gun sales are super simple. They purchase the gun and all they got to do is go to the gun store and fill out paperwork. When the gun comes in they pick it up. That’s a very simple process. Many lawmakers are trying to change this and make it harder for gun store to sell online. I assure you we will be standing ready when they do.

Stay Away – USAammo.com Review –




After being constantly spammed from this company and disregarding e-mail I sent them to stop, I decided to go out and do a little research on the company. Within five minutes of typing in “usaammo” in Google, I quickly realized the reputation this company has built. A VERY BAD ONE. Not only do they spam gun web sites with their website but they continue to rip people off all over the country. I have compiled a simple list of links that will give you just a little taste of how this company does business.


Complaint 1

Complaint 2 – Ammo Destroys weapon?


They seem not only to be careless with their quality but customer service skills as well. They have proved numerous times that their business practices are not professional and seem not to even care. With the internet becoming a place for customers to voice their opinion about products & customer service, this company is heading in a downward spiral.


Spamming gun sites are not going to get you anywhere! It is going to hurt your online business and will not give you any positive advertisement. We here at usagunblog plan to pass on your business practices to all we know.  At anytime this company wants to respond to my e-mails – I will be more than glad to remove this from this blog –