CMMG Mk 47: incredible Mutant of AR-15 and AK-47

CMMG Mk 47 is one of the newest hunting rifles that you should know about. CMMG surprised every gun enthusiast with Mk 47, an improved version of their AK-47. In terms of physical appearance, Mk-47 can be seen as a mixture of AK-47 and AR-15. The lower receiver of Mk47 is longer than that of AR-15 which enabled CMMG to add a magazine mechanism and a magazine into it that accepts Bakelite options, polymer, and steel. As similar to AK-47, it has a paddle release mechanism, a more trouble-free style than the push-button style release of AR-15.

Pic2Normally, aluminum based rifles like Mk-47 do not allow the use of steel magazine. CMMG made this possible in Mk-47 by installing a replaceable steel pin which is ready to be removed if damaged. That is something amazing for gun enthusiasts. Its edges on the magazine concepts resulted to a disadvantage in terms of convenience of use. Unlike AR-15, it doesn’t have bolt hold open feature. This is surely a disadvantage because the bolt lock doesn’t open after firing the last round.

CMMG is clever enough to cover the absence of bolt hold open feature with an advantage when it comes to the gun’s durability. The bolt is wider and thicker (surrounded by metal), making it more durable. Additionally, the bolt’s locking lugs have sport curved edges meaning they don’t simply get damaged.

In summary, CMMG MK-47is perfect for people planning for hog and deer hunting. Compared to other rifles with 7.62 × 39 caliber, Mk-47 looks better and has more amazing features. The best thing about it is it is easy to use specifically easy to tweak. Some things that could have been improved are issues on the charging handle, Hornady ammunition, and its trigger. However, in over all, CMMG Mk-47 can be highly recommended for those who love to hunt.