Glock Unveils New G40

The Austrian company of Glock has delivered yet another impressive line of handguns. Glock unveils its new G40 with impressive Modular Optics System (MOS). This optics ready configuration for a handgun, has a long slide of 10 mm – the G40.

The new Glock MOS platform offers a convenient way to mount reflex sights without any alterations to the slide. This new G40 includes an Adapter Plate Kit, which contains 4 adapter plates with tools for removal and installation for a series of optics.


Glock 40, 10 mm

The length of G40 is sufficient enough to keep the authorities satisfied with all the gun regulations and the like. With the G40, it’s for sure that the user can send the .40 caliber bullets screaming down the whole range.

The new Glock 40 MOS looks very good and has a heavy payload. It is equipped with a 6-inch barrel and has a capacity of 15 rounds of magazines for the powerful 10mm cartridge. Further, it can be accessorized with any number of reflex sights that can be mounted directly on top of the slide. When doing this, no custom machining is required.

General Specifications
Caliber: 10mm Auto
Overall Length: 241mm/9.49in
Overall Width: 32.5mm/1.28in
Barrel Length: 153mm/6.02in
Mag Capacity: 15 rounds

Glock’s G40 with MOS configuration has the ability to increase its potential accuracy, while giving the competitive shooter, hunter or law enforcer a huge advantage. The length is also increased to improved velocity and hit potential with its 15-round capacity magazines.

The G40 with MOS is powerful and very easy to carry for outdoor shooting. It is generally designed to give the user the ultimate choice in semi-automatic hunting handguns. Moreover, the eight -inch sight radius also help improve shootability with open sights. Meanwhile, the MOS system gives the user the ability to mount all kinds of reflex sights to have faster target acquisition and added long range accuracy.