AS50: The World’s Super Sniper

AS50 0.50 sniper or anti-material rifle is created by the British Firearms Producer Accuracy International. The rifle was created for security agencies and for the armed forces. AS50 was specially designed to fight continuous military battle formations. The main objective in creating the AS50 sniper is to design and create a rifle, which is really accurate and consistent to cold shot. AS50 sniper is tough, reliable and can be maintained easily.

Design and Specifications

AS50 Sniper is a semi-automatic rifle, which has an estimated rounds of up to 5 rounds of 0.50 BMG which can be delivered in 1.6 seconds. A proofed steel action is attached to the Aluminum chassis for ease of use. The frame is made of lightweight titanium and the light weight barrel has contributed to the efficiency of the AS50.

An optical sight can be installed in the two-part machine steel receiver which contains the important accessory rail. The adjustable Bipod and the rear support leg or hand grip can maintain stability in shooting even in a tough environment. AS50 has an accuracy of 1.5 MOA and can perfectly shoot the targets within 1500 meters range.

The AS50 0.50 sniper weighs 14.1 kilograms, if it is still empty. It has a single stack magazine. Its magazine box is removable. The AS50 was specially designed and created with two position safety and integrated quick adjust butt spike. The two stage trigger can be adjusted. It weighs 1.5 and 2 kilograms. It has also a triple chamber muzzle break and comes with different accessories.

AS50 Sniper was designed to allow the shooters to shoot their targets at a very long range of high accuracy, using explosives or incendiary ammunition which makes the AS50 very dangerous. AS50 is portable, ergonomic and can be disassembled in less than three minutes.

DSR 50: World’s Most Dangerous Gun

Considered as one of the World’s most dangerous guns, DSR 50 is a bolt-action and anti material rifle. This was developed by DSR-precision GmbH Germany. It is a revised or an improvised DSR-1 where its purpose is to serve as a chamber for the 0.50 BMG. This gun has undergone many improvements from its original design and purpose to the revised and improved weapon which makes it the most dangerous gun ever.

Pic2The revisions and improvements made with the gun are recoil buffer in butt stock and the powerful blast compensator barrel attachment. The revisions serves as a muzzle brake, it has lessened the flash and sound of the muzzle blast. The revised or improved gun can handle the powerful 0.50 caliber ammunition. All of these revisions and improvements have made The DSR 50 the most valuable weapon in the market.

The gun was prepared into a bullpop design where the barrel is free-floating. The Bipod can be folded to make it easy to use. The folded Bipod which was equipped with the upper rails can be located above the barrel. The adjustable horizontal front grip is furnished onto the lower rails and can be located below the barrel. The rifle has Buttstock and Cheekpiece which are adjustable. The rifle has an extra magazine holder where you can place your spare magazine. It is found in front of the trigger guard to lessen reloading time.

The DSR 50 features a match-grade and fluted barrel action which can be quickly switched and fixed into the receiver with three screws. This feature makes the shooter more comfortable while firing. The bolt has a 6 radial lugs that lock directly into the barrel. The barrel is protected by an aluminum Hand guard. It has a two-staged trigger and is adjustable.

The Revolver That Conquer Half of the Globe

The Colt Single Action Army, a single shot solid frame revolver, was introduced in 1873 by Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company. This gun has been produced for so long now for about 130 years, one of the longest running productions of small guns. It is also known as Single Action Army, SAA, Model P, Peacemaker, M1873 and Colt 45. This revolver has been sold in 30 different calibers and individual barrel lengths. It is most popular with the people who work in lawsuits, ranch and people alike but today it’s been bought by collectors. This has a popular tagline “The Gun that Won the West”, from a famous piece of Americana.

Specifications and Design

It usually comes with 0.357 Magnum and 0.45 Colt but additional calibers are available through the Colt custom shop that fits accordingly to the customer. It can shoot up to six rounds single action. The barrel length has varieties; the 120 mm for civilian model, 140 mm for artillery model and 191 mm for Arm and Cavalry model. The approximated weight is 1048 g, when a 191 mm barrel is inside it. This is available in three categories which are grouped according to generation; the first, second and third.

The frame of this revolver is composed of two parts; the cylinder frame and the grip frame with the triggerguard. The thing about this gun is that it can only be unloaded and loaded when the hammer is in half-cock position. The cylinder can be removed for cleaning and inspection. Special drop-off safeties cannot be found in this gun so utmost care should be delivered when handling this revolver. It is highly recommended that in carrying this gun the chamber should be empty under the hammer or it may cause life.

Small but Terrifying

The Kalashnikov Assault rifle or also known as AK47 is developed by Mikael Kalashnikov during World War II. It is a selective fire and can only be operated with a use of a gas. The rifle has been in the market for six decades now and a lot of competitors have tried to get it out of list but the variants of this gun has remain the most popular and widely used assault rifles throughout the globe.
Features and Design

This assault rifle is a hybrid of previous rifle technology innovations. It is a combination of the world’s best features of gun: the trigger mechanism, double locking lungs and unlocking raceway of the M1 Garand/M1 carbine; the John Browning’s most trusted safety mechanism of Remighton Model 8 rifle; and the undeniably reliable gas system of the Sturmgewehr 44. But what makes this assault rifle stands out among others is that it is created for the sole purpose of bringing the shooter a simple and reliable automatic rifle that can be cheaply and quickly manufactured.

This rifle uses the same long stroke gas system to that of M1 Garand but what the manufacturer did was to associate it with greater reliability in adverse conditions. The fire selector and safety is separated in this rifle. The fire selector is located on the right side of the gun. The fire selector serves as a cover from dust. The standard magazine has a capacity of thirty rounds. You can also find ten, twenty and forty-round box in the market. All AKs, including the older models, are equipped with side rails for mounting a variety of scope and sighting device. The AK47’s accuracy has been tested for so long now and it has been proven to be beyond normal rifles available in stores.

Security with a Trigger

Security and freedom are expensive necessities that everyone is willing to give everything for. This necessity leads to the making of weapons. There are different kinds of weapon available nowadays but the most common of its form are the guns. Guns are usually with high muzzle velocity and comparatively flat trajectory. Through the ages, guns have evolved. It now comes in all sizes, from cannons to small fire arms that suits the need of the owner.


Rifles are one of the many kinds of gun. It is designed to be fired from the shoulder. Its barrel is in helical pattern which cuts into the barrel walls. Before, rifles can only fire one projectile with each pull of the trigger. Modern rifle can shot multiple projectiles in just one pull. Today, automatic rifles have been produced. It is not the same with the machine guns but machine guns are an adaptation from it.

Shotgun, like rifle, is designed to be fired from the shoulder. Unlike rifles, shotguns are use for short-range targets. It is designed to shoot a spread of shots at moving targets while the rifles are designed to shoot one point with favorable accuracy.

Handguns are another kind of gun. The handgun barrel is much shorter than a rifle or shotgun barrel. Unlike the rifle and shotgun, this gun is designed to be shot while being held with one or both hands. The pattern of this gun have helical pattern which is similar to the rifles.

No matter how helpful a gun is it has also its cons. Though the government is doing everything to put things in control, many cases of killings are due to recklessness of handling guns. Instead of providing security, it provides terror to the innocent victims of innumerable crimes. Remember, the deadliest weapon is not a gun but a gun in the hands of a mad man. Vigilance and discipline will always be the key to security.

World’s Best Series of Polymer Guns

The Springfield Armory XDM, X-Treme Duty Match Grade Barrel and Match Grade Trigger, are a series of polymer-framed and striker-fired semi-automatic pistols. This was engineered and designed by Springfield Armory Inc. These series was inspired by its predecessor, the HS2000 pistol. The series was a product of the company’s objective to redefine what a polymer pistol should be. The company has set a new standard for feature and performance, ergonomics and operation.



All of the guns in XDM series come with Match Grade Barrel, Match Grade Trigger and double-dealing magazine release. The XDM is a polymer-framed handgun with stainless steel inserts and a mounting rail. The angle and depth design of each contour in the grip has been applied for maximized control vertically, horizontally and even control its torsion. The Major Grasp Slide was modified and developed for easy-grasp. The series was equipped with trigger and grip safety mechanisms with a loaded chamber indicator located behind the barrel. The surface of the metal was treated with melonite and salt bath nitride which keeps the gun corrosion-resistant. The XDM no longer require pulling the trigger for it to disassemble making the field stripping safer and faster amongst old generation of XD handguns.

XD(M) 3.8” Compact Model

This gun is designed for concealed guns patrons. Reliable performance, high quality ergonomic and awesome capacity gives this gun an edge among other concealed guns. The gun is short-framed and compact-sized with 3.8 inch barrel. It works best with Gear X-Tension magazines. It has a forged-steel slide with black polymer frame. The dovetail front and rail sight works best for shooting. If you’re looking for a concealed gun with its capacity not compromised, this is the gun for you.

XD(M) 3.8” Model

The XD(M) 3.8” Model has the same ergonomics, performance and features of an XD gun. This gun uses a flush-fitting 10 round magazine. The gun’s 3.8 inch barrel is mated with a full size frame. Like all XD guns, X-tension magazine works best with it. There are three interchangeable back straps so the hand size of the shooter is never an issue for this gun. It was designed with Mega-lock texture so it will not glide out of your grasp. It can be fitted with variety of calibers which is widely available in the market.

XD(M) 4.5” Service Model

his gun is perfect for those shooters who are looking for full-sized performance, sight-radius and handling. It has the same features with XD(M) 3.8” Model just that this gun uses a 4.5 inch barrel. The dovetail front and rear sight was aligned perfectly. The trigger can be pulled crisply and cleanly.

XD(M) 5.25 Competition Series Model

This gun is specifically made for competitions. It has the longest slide and can use any barrel of XD(M) series. This was engineered with maximum accuracy, controllability and commendable sight radius. The rear sight is fully adjustable and is made with fiber optic for better performance. The slide has been made less heavy for rapid cycling.