Springfield XDS 9mm

Springfield Armory has released the 9mm version of the Springfield XDS. The .45 XDS was a major success and you can guarantee the 9 will be too. The XDS 9mm is a single stack pistol that is lightweight and offers a variety of safety options. The XDS is super slim and can be easily concealed. The XDS is compared to the Ruger LC9, Taurus 709, and the Beretta Nano.



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Technical Specs:

Length: 6.3″
Height: 4.4″
Grip Width: .9″
Barrel: 3.3″ Steel, Melonite©, Fully Supported Ramp
Slide: Forged Steel
Frame: Polymer
Sights: Fiber Optic Front and Dovetail Rear (steel)
Trigger Pull: 5.5 to 7.7 lbs
Magazines: 2 Flush Fitting Stainless Steel





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Beretta Pico 380

Beretta USA has just released its new .380 pistol called the Beretta Pico. This small sub compact 380 pistol is very similar in size and shape to the Beretta Nano 9. The Beretta Pico is hammer-fired and offers a sleek sub-compact design.

Beretta Pico:
Super thin, ultra concealable, and easy to configure, the Beretta Pico sets a new standard for the micro compact carry pistol. The thinnest .380 auto made…by a full millimeter…the snag-free Pico’s slide and frame is a true 18 mm at thier widest point. The grip frame, sights, and caliber (go from a .380 to a .32 by changing the barrel) are all simple to modify. Extremely soft shooting with a double action trigger, the Pico is easy to control with its smooth, tip-to-parallel, straight line action. The removable, serialized sub-chassis and modular frame feature simple disassembly for easy cleaning and customizing. The modular chassis can accommodate a Lasermax Laser frame and be customized with a selection of colored frames. Even the dovetail quick-change sights can be adjusted or replaced by the user. Light, durable, and easy to draw from concealment, the Pico brings all the reliability and quality of a Beretta to bear on its standing as the leader of a new generation of concealed carry firearms.


Overall Length:       5.1 in/ 130 mm
Barrel Length :        2.7 in/ 70 mm
Overall Width :       .725 in / 18 mm
Grip Width :            .725 in/ 18 mm
Overall Height :       4.0 in/ 100 mm
Sight Radius :         3.3 in/ 84 mm
Weight unloaded :  11.5 oz/ 325 grams with empty magazine,approximate






Holsters for Ruger LCR With Lasermax

Ruger has came out with a distributor exclusive that has been a really good selling combo! The Ruger LCR with a Lasermax Centerfire.



Ruger LCR with Lasermax holsters can be found by clicking here  - The Holster Store

Spikes Tactical – AR15 – Gun Blog

Look at what Spikes Tactical has to offer! They sure do make some of the best tactical rifles in the business. The details for this rifle are listed below.


Here are the key features:

Custom Lothar Walther barrel, 1:7 twist, CMV, Mid-length gas system, 14.5″ OAL, Fluted, Taper profile, dished Target crown, Melonite finish inside and out, Nickel Boron coated M4 barrel extension.
NP3 coated lower receiver, upper receiver, Billet trigger guard, 7075 Mil-Spec buffer tube, and Forged charging handle.

Nickel Boron coated Light weight ball dimpled M16 BCG. Ionbond coated gas rings.

Nickel Boron Coated ST Battle trigger. Titanium Dynacomp, Ti anodized and pinned for 16″ OAL.

Titanium Adjustable gas block, Ti anodized, w/ Iconel gas valve. Custom Stippled Magpul furniture.

Sterling 9mm Carbine Review

Sterling 9mm Carbine report by: Berto

Click the image to open in full size.

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I used Fiocchi 115gr fmj and tried some 124gr Gold Dots. The magazines for the Sterling hold 34rnds,  but usually run best with 30-32 loaded in.

Instead of followers, they actually use rollers, making it easier to load and helping reliability.

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Shooting was good, though I need to adjust the front sight and raise the POI and move it over right a few inches.
COM was rapid fire at 30ft and the head shots were 65ft.


Function was good with Fiocchi, but it doesn’t do Gold Dots…period. It would mash the hollowpoint and set back the bulet in the case from being slammed by the heavy bolt.
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I was able to get through enough Gold Dots to put up a nice six shot group, though way low and left at 65ft.

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The peep and post sights seem coarse, but they work well and recoil is pretty close to zero with only the heavy bolt bumping the sights off. Pretty much an easy shooter.



FNH FNP 45 Tactical Review

Review by: gunreviewsguy

Well, passed the 2k round mark on the FNP 45 Tactical this weekend and decided I had enough experience with it for a thorough review… Background:  The gun was developed for the US Joint Combat Pistol program that was later scrapped by the military.    But, that program gave us a lot of great guns, this being one of the finest.   The gun has fully ambidextrous controls and comes with a few goodies from the factory that include: 3 15 round magazines, factory night sights standard (raised for suppressor use), 4 interchangeable backstraps, numerous mounts for aftermarket red dot use, and a 5.3” hammer forged threaded barrel.  Shown here as it comes from the factory (minus the red dot):

Overall impressions:  This gun is big and bad; no doubt about it.   It certainly wasn’t developed to be a concealed carry piece.   It weighs 33oz empty, add to that 16 rounds of 45ACP and it feels extremely solid in the hand and like all FNP/X/S pistols points very naturally.    The trigger is traditional DA/SA, with the DA pull coming in consistently at 10.5lbs on my trigger gauge and the SA trigger pull coming in at a crisp 4lbs.
Let me also say, I ‘m a huge FNH fan.  I own a lot of their weapons and even used an A2 made by them in basic training.  I love the M240 Light they offer these days as well; it may be my favorite gun on planet earth.   So, I guess I’m a FNH “fan-boy” if you will.
Reliability: As the title says, I’ve put 2,000 rounds down the pipe of this gun and, of those, this gun has had 1 failure.  That failure was by a new shooter that wanted to try the gun out and the slide locked back after firing; it was almost certainly shooter error with him probably hitting the slide lock with his thumb…   I’ve never had a failure with it.   I’ve used mostly Blazer aluminum cased ammo but also, Federal FMJs, MFS FMJs, Aguila FMJs, Hornady TAP 230gr JHPs, Hornady TAP 230gr +p JHPs, Winchester Ranger 230gr JHPs, and Federal HST 230gr +p JHPs.   All fed reliably and the gun soaked up recoil regardless of the ammo used.
Accuracy:  IMO, this is where the FNP and FNX handguns really stand out among their peers.   In SA mode, this gun is an absolute tack driver.  I’d put it against any 1911 I’ve ever shot.    When using the red dot option, follow up shots are also extremely fast.  I have a 4MOA Optima 2000 (now the JPoint) on mine that I picked up on ebay for $155 and it works extremely well.   It really seems ‘unfair’ how accurate this gun is coupled with the fast target acquisition provided by the red dot sight and bright night sights.
Durability: I’ve had no issues with the gun at all.   I’ve seen reports of broken triggers on the early models but it has been a tank so far.
Maintenance: I clean and lubricate the gun after every time out (usually 100-200 round sessions) with good old CLP and use a little grease on the rails.   Takedown is extremely easy and doesn’t require the user to pull the trigger which is a turn off for a lot of people who are considering Glocks.  I don’t think it’s an issue, but I don’t want to go down that road…
Cost:  This is the biggest downside to this gun.   It’s expensive, no doubt about it.   It retails for anywhere between $900-1200.   That’s a hefty price tag for a non-1911 handgun.   FNH does offer a military discount for those eligible (this is how I purchased the pistol) and the discount is significant.  For people looking to save some cash the standard FNP 45 is also a great option, I own one as well and it has been great too.

Final thoughts: This is an excellent firearm and is the best DA/SA gun on the market in my view.  I know some will chime in with SIG and H&Ks; they’re fine guns as well but if I could only have one out of the lot I’d take this one.
Here are some more photos of the gun:
Review by “Gunreviewguy” on Feb. 20, 2012