Kel-Tec PF 9: Flattest and lightest pocket gun ever made

Kel-tec PF 9 is a sub-compact pistol described as the hybrid of PF 11 and P-3AT leading to a marketing description of “combined into the flattest and lightest single stack 9mm configuration ever made”. To be specific, it is semi-automatic, single-stacked magazine with a capacity of 7 rounds, and employs double-action only mechanism. This gun is designed to be a conceal carry sub-compact pistol that can fit your pockets during a normal day. Most people desire for pocket guns that can be easily concealed for the purpose of both survival and convenience. Kel-Tec PF 9 has positive and negative feedbacks discussed below.

Pic4The positive feedback about it is mostly about the easy handling experience. It is lighter compared to other guns with a weight of 13 oz. The shape and size is described to be: 0.9 inches of width, 5 1/2 inches of length, thin, and fits most pockets. It doesn’t have manual safety and it employs three –dot sight just enough for targeting. The recoil is just enough and comparable with other pocket pistons. But since it is light, it absorbs more recoil and most women would probably not manage it.

One of the negative feedback is about its long trigger pull. As you shoot it, you may observe slower draw because of the mentioned feature. However, with enough practice and familiarization, operating Kel-Tec can still be quite controllable. Since its barrel is only 3.1 inches long, velocity can only range from 980 to 1,000 fps which is quite low compared to other guns with longer barrel. The small slide-release catch is complicated to manage.

The bottom line is that this gun is easy to handle and has a reasonable price. It is a powerful gun enough for personal defense, slimmer, and lighter than other guns with the same intended purpose.

Heizer Defense PS1: World’s Most Powerful Small Pistol

Heizer Defense PS1 can be pertained as the perfect example of “small but terrible” guns. As suggested by the name “PS1”, Heizer Defense is called as a pocket shotgun. Its size and features are designed well to fit your pockets during a normal day. With the height of 3 7/8 inches, length of 5.7 inches, width of 0.72 inches, and weight of 25.4 ounce, keeping it on your pocket can’t bother your busy day. In the marketing of this shot gun, it is pertained to be “the world’s most powerful small pistol” and “ideal companion for hunter/fisherman/hiker”. There are surely justifiable reasons behind these claims.

Pic3To be more specific, its barrel and frame are made of stainless steel and has Matte Black ISONITE finish. You can choose from other available finish of your choice which includes Prison Pink, Military Green, Polished, etc. Handling and shooting using Heizer Defense PS1 can be a very unique experience in a positive way. Although it is small enough to make you think it’s very light, it actually has a weight just enough for you to have proper gun control.

This single shot compact pistol has an exclusive double-action-only trigger system. Compared to other compact pistol, it uses ball bearings which can surprise you that those make trigger pulling more smooth and steady. Another advantage of this gun is its durability. It is not only designed to be rugged but it is also designed to have easy maintenance. It is easy to dissemble in times you want to clean or fix it.

If you are a beginner in shooting, this is also a perfect gun for you. Compared to other guns, PS1’s recoil is quite unnoticeable. However, if the grip is not firm enough, the felt recoil can be quite distracting. Heizer Defense PS1 is perfect for everyday use to assure survival without being an expert with gun handling.

MG3 Machine Gun

The MG3 machine gun is an all-purpose machine gun and has been used as a squad support weapon and a vehicle mounted machine gun. The MG3 machine gun is designed perfectly as a cubicle for the 7.62 x 51 mm NATO cartridge. More so, the MG3 machine was manufactured by a Germany Firm. It has many variations and it is used by the armed forces in about thirty countries.Pic10

Specifications and Designs

The MG3 machine gun is known to be one of the most dangerous weapons in the world. It is capable to shoot 1000-1300 rounds per minute by using 7.62 calibers within an effective range of 1200 meters. The MG3 is an automatic machine gun, which is air-cooled, belt-fed and it has a short-recoil. It has a roller bolt mechanism. The machine gun has a bolt head, a pair of rollers, a striker sleeve, a bolt body and a return spring. The MG3 is safe to use because it has a wedge shaped striker sleeve which can be used to secure the bolt. This makes the MG3 safest to use, sparing you the trouble of worrying about its bolt.

The MG3 submachine guns are fired or shoot from an open bolt. The rate can be changed by putting different recoil springs and bolts. The machine gun feeds from its left side by a feed block using a metal if ever you run out of bullets. It is also easy to manage and handle and to monitor the number of available ammunitions by using the clear drum at the back. The MG3 is also easy to use because the user need not worry about running out of bullets because the MG3 machine gun has a quick-change and a chrome-lined barrel. It has a muzzle device which is placed at the end of the barrel. The muzzle device acts as a flash suppressor, muzzle brake and recoil booster.

The MG3 machine gun has many variations. Its design also includes an artificial polymer stock, a folding Bipod and an open type iron sights. The sights setting ranges from 200 to 1200 meters.

AS50 0.50 Sniper: The World’s Super Sniper

AS50 sniper which was specially created by the British Firearms Producer Accuracy International is perfect and reliable to cold shot. It was intended for the security agencies and the armed forces. More so, the AS50 sniper or anti-material rifle was made to combat a continuous military battle formation. This tough and reliable AS50 sniper is easy to maintain.
Design and Specifications

The AS50 sniper with an estimated round of up to 5 rounds of 0.50 BMG can be produced in 1.6 seconds. It has an optical sight which is installed in the two part machine steel receiver which consist the accessory rail. AS50 sniper can still be used efficiently even in an unstable setting because its adjustable Bipod and the rear support leg or hand grip can help maintain its stability and strength. It has an accuracy of 1.5 MOA and can hit targets within a range of 1500 meters. It was designed to give shooters a chance to hit their targets perfectly even at a very long range by using explosives or incendiary ammunition.

AS50 0.50 snipers are handy, ergonomic and can be disassembled in a matter of three minutes only. It has a proofed steel action which is connected to the Aluminum Chassis for ease of use. The frame of the AS50 sniper is made of lightweight Titanium. Its light weight barrel has made the AS50 efficient to use.
If empty, the S50 0.50 sniper weighs 14.1 kilograms. It has a single stack magazine. The magazine box of the AS50 sniper is removable which makes it easy to handle.

AS50 0.50 snipers has two position safety and integrated quick adjust butt spike. The two stage trigger can be adjusted. It weighs 1.5 and 2 kilograms. It has also a triple chamber muzzle break and comes with different accessories.

Beretta 70: The Superstar’s Gun

Beretta 70 is a semi-automatic pistol series, which was inspired by the 7.65 mm Beretta M1935 pistol. It was manufactured by Beretta in Italy. This gun has been very popular because it has been used by many movie stars in some popular movies. The Beretta 70 is a collection or combination of all the improvements made of the Beretta guns since it was manufactured.

Pic4Beretta 70 is a collection or accumulations of all the improvements needed by the pistol M1934/M1935 which was earlier manufactured. The swivel lever of M1934/35 is a cross-bolt safety. This was also the kind of lever which is equipped with the 70; however, this kind of lever is not easy to operate by just using one hand. It could also be switched on or off depending on the grip of the shooter. The company then replaced the cross-bolt safety with a thumb-activated and frame mounted safety, which can be found on most Beretta pistols of the 20th century. The trigger was made smoother by making it softer than the previous pistols manufactured by Beretta. Another special feature added to the gun for easy operation is the long curve that tapered at the top of the gun.

The magazine of the gun was also the magazine used in the M1934/35, which has a division at the front of the floor plate. The sight can either be fixed or adjusted. It is a single action gun and the cartridge used is. 32 CP, .380 ACP or. 22 LR. The barrel length and the weight of the gun or pistol depend on the kind of version of the pistol. The Beretta comes in many versions. It can be used with 7, 8, 9 or 10 round detachable magazines. It is easier compared to the previous guns of the company.

Small but Terrifying

The Kalashnikov Assault rifle or also known as AK47 is developed by Mikael Kalashnikov during World War II. It is a selective fire and can only be operated with a use of a gas. The rifle has been in the market for six decades now and a lot of competitors have tried to get it out of list but the variants of this gun has remain the most popular and widely used assault rifles throughout the globe.
Features and Design

This assault rifle is a hybrid of previous rifle technology innovations. It is a combination of the world’s best features of gun: the trigger mechanism, double locking lungs and unlocking raceway of the M1 Garand/M1 carbine; the John Browning’s most trusted safety mechanism of Remighton Model 8 rifle; and the undeniably reliable gas system of the Sturmgewehr 44. But what makes this assault rifle stands out among others is that it is created for the sole purpose of bringing the shooter a simple and reliable automatic rifle that can be cheaply and quickly manufactured.

This rifle uses the same long stroke gas system to that of M1 Garand but what the manufacturer did was to associate it with greater reliability in adverse conditions. The fire selector and safety is separated in this rifle. The fire selector is located on the right side of the gun. The fire selector serves as a cover from dust. The standard magazine has a capacity of thirty rounds. You can also find ten, twenty and forty-round box in the market. All AKs, including the older models, are equipped with side rails for mounting a variety of scope and sighting device. The AK47’s accuracy has been tested for so long now and it has been proven to be beyond normal rifles available in stores.