World’s Best Series of Polymer Guns

The Springfield Armory XDM, X-Treme Duty Match Grade Barrel and Match Grade Trigger, are a series of polymer-framed and striker-fired semi-automatic pistols. This was engineered and designed by Springfield Armory Inc. These series was inspired by its predecessor, the HS2000 pistol. The series was a product of the company’s objective to redefine what a polymer pistol should be. The company has set a new standard for feature and performance, ergonomics and operation.



All of the guns in XDM series come with Match Grade Barrel, Match Grade Trigger and double-dealing magazine release. The XDM is a polymer-framed handgun with stainless steel inserts and a mounting rail. The angle and depth design of each contour in the grip has been applied for maximized control vertically, horizontally and even control its torsion. The Major Grasp Slide was modified and developed for easy-grasp. The series was equipped with trigger and grip safety mechanisms with a loaded chamber indicator located behind the barrel. The surface of the metal was treated with melonite and salt bath nitride which keeps the gun corrosion-resistant. The XDM no longer require pulling the trigger for it to disassemble making the field stripping safer and faster amongst old generation of XD handguns.

XD(M) 3.8” Compact Model

This gun is designed for concealed guns patrons. Reliable performance, high quality ergonomic and awesome capacity gives this gun an edge among other concealed guns. The gun is short-framed and compact-sized with 3.8 inch barrel. It works best with Gear X-Tension magazines. It has a forged-steel slide with black polymer frame. The dovetail front and rail sight works best for shooting. If you’re looking for a concealed gun with its capacity not compromised, this is the gun for you.

XD(M) 3.8” Model

The XD(M) 3.8” Model has the same ergonomics, performance and features of an XD gun. This gun uses a flush-fitting 10 round magazine. The gun’s 3.8 inch barrel is mated with a full size frame. Like all XD guns, X-tension magazine works best with it. There are three interchangeable back straps so the hand size of the shooter is never an issue for this gun. It was designed with Mega-lock texture so it will not glide out of your grasp. It can be fitted with variety of calibers which is widely available in the market.

XD(M) 4.5” Service Model

his gun is perfect for those shooters who are looking for full-sized performance, sight-radius and handling. It has the same features with XD(M) 3.8” Model just that this gun uses a 4.5 inch barrel. The dovetail front and rear sight was aligned perfectly. The trigger can be pulled crisply and cleanly.

XD(M) 5.25 Competition Series Model

This gun is specifically made for competitions. It has the longest slide and can use any barrel of XD(M) series. This was engineered with maximum accuracy, controllability and commendable sight radius. The rear sight is fully adjustable and is made with fiber optic for better performance. The slide has been made less heavy for rapid cycling.

Heckler and Koch HK416: Perfect Combination of Platforms

The Heckler and Koch, HK M4 German M4 Carbine, is an assault rifle engineered and designed by Heckler and Koch. It was first introduced in 2005. It is a combination of old rifles used in US military. Its platform is based on AR-15, an improved version of Colt M4 Carbine family. The Heckler and Koch’s short stroke piston system was a notable inclusion in this rifle which was first devised in the Heckler and Koch G36. What the company has done is to perfectly combine design features of many different platforms making it much more improved than other M16 rifles.



The weight of this rifle is 2.950 kg or about 6.50 lb and is approximately 690 mm in length when the stock is extended and 560 mm when the stock is collapsed. A 34 N force is needed to pull its trigger. The rifle’s barrel is a cold-hammer forged with a length of 228 mm. It features 20,000 round service life and 6 grooves 178 mm right hand twists. This rifle is much safer to use when there is an extended firing session because of its hammer process which provides stronger barrel. The muzzle velocity varies with the barrel’s length but in average it is 778 m/s that can fire up to 700-900 rounds per minute. Its optimum firing range is 300 m from target point. It has rear riotary dioptar sight and front post which is ideal for a 400 m firing range.


Because of the kind of piston system used, HK rifle’s design prevents combustion gases from entering the interior. The reduced heat in the carrier increases the reliability of this rifle and extends the interval between stops. It is equipped with a proprietary accessory rail forearm and has MIL-STD-1913 rails on all four sides. This makes HK416 flexible and fits to use most current accessories of M4/M16 type. The rail forearm of this rifle can be changed easily by just using the bolt locking lug as the screwdriver. It has also an adjustable telescopic butt stock that can be positioned according to the shooter’s convenience. Its shoulder pad and stock features a storage in which you can put maintenance accessories, extra batteries and other small kit items.

HK416 A5

HK416 A5 is a more improved version of HK416. It has a modified tool-less gas regulator for suppressor use. For safety, the fire selector can be set to safe when the hammer is in the cocked or uncocked position. It was added with an over the beach capability which the previous version lack. The weather isn’t a problem when using this rifle because even if its winter, the trigger can be easily pulled due to its winter trigger guard. The receiver geometry was optimized and the receiver connection was improved. Accidental discharge can be a less concern when using this rifle, bolt catch lever was enlarged and was installed with protective barriers. The telescopic buttstock was made slimmer.

Glock’s Best Concealed Guns

Glock handguns, a good quality of gun, have been produced by Glock Ges.m.b. H over the years. The manufacturer sometimes called it as “safe action” gun because it is polymer-framed, short recoil operated and locked breech semi-automated. Polymer used is guaranteed stronger than steels. The design of the gun helps is to resist corrosion and fire. Unlike other guns, Glocks does not have external hammers and it does not have external safety decocker. These qualities make the guns safe to use, less heavy and simple operated with low maintenance cost.

Glocks are the guns mostly used in the police departments across US and other parts of the globe. Each gun was carefully designed and built to react accordingly to the user’s need.

Glock 26

The Glock 26, also known as baby glock, is a 9×19 mm semiautomatic subcompact gun. The gun’s total length is 160 mm and weighs 560 g when unloaded. Its size makes it the most sought-after concealed gun since its first release in August 1994, beating the 5-round snubnose revolver which dominated the market for a long time. The standard capacity of the gun’s magazine is 10 rounds. It is well known for its high accuracy firing characteristics. The gun has flat slide release and clip release making it smooth and firmly packed overall. The gun’s grip can only support two fingers. Reliability, accessibility, size and simplicity of use make Glock 26 one of the finest concealed guns in the market.

Glock 27

The Glock 27, a version of Glock 26, is a 40 Smith and Wesson subcompact gun. Its Modular Back Strap design is interchangeable which enables the owner to customize its grip according to the shooter’s hand size. The frame’s surface is scientifically designed and is rough textured. Unlike Glock 26, its magazine’s capacity is 9 rounds. It has larger reversible magazine catch which makes it changeable in splits of second and can also be used by both right and left-handed shooters. Accuracy, strength, weight, and length make this concealed gun stands out among others.


All New TCP with Wings from Taurus

Taurus has redesigned and re-engineered their new TCP pistol with wings to assist shooters with limited upper body strength or poor shooting technique. The new Taurus TCP with wings functions exactly the same as the regular TCP pistol. However, Taurus engineered a pair of retractable metal flaps attached to the rear of the slide hinges. The TCP with wings pistol is specifically designed for shooters that need assistance in chambering a round or locking the back slide.



The TCP pistol with wings of is equipped with a .380 ACP caliber with a magazine capacity of 6 rounds. Its barrel length is at 3.3” and an overall length of 5.25”. When unloaded, its weight is about 10.2 oz. and has a fixed sight.


The durability of the wings, according to Taurus representatives had more than 1,000 rounds through it. This handgun is basically designed for law enforcement officer and other safety personnel, that is why it was designed to handle the forces associated with using it with one handed reload. Moreover, this kind of maneuver can be uncommon to most guns but will surely help in operations associated with safety and security.

Taurus TCP pistol with wings will be out in the market come second quarter of the year 2015. In addition, the suggested market price is yet to be released since there might be some changes. However, it is determined by Taurus representatives that the retail price of the new TCP with wings pistol is close to the existing Taurus TCP models.

Taurus 180 Curve Pistol Packed with Laser and Light

The Taurus 180 Curve pistol is the world’s first curved firearm engineered to fit the unique contours of a human body. It is designed to be ultra comfortable, reliable defense handgun. In addition, it has a snag-free design and a curve that boasts all other handgun designs. It is exceptionally accurate and extremely lightweight with a weight of 10.2 oz.

Taurus Security System

The family of Taurus firearms now sports an instant ready defense with built-in ability to secure your pistol and make it inoperable at one turn of a safety key. When this system is engaged, it cannot be fired or cocked. To let it engage again, just simply insert the key again and rotate one-quarter turn clockwise. To disengage, another quarter-turn back is required.



The 180 Curve Pistol has a Matte Blue Finish and sports a .380 ACP caliber. The handgrip is equipped with Polymer and Metallic Subframe making ease and comfort during operation. The barrel length is at 2.5” and a height of 3.7”. This new pistol is designed to be ultra small, with 1.18” width in frame. It has a magazine capacity of 6 rounds and an additional 1 round if you keep it in its chamber.


Safety is a major concern among handgun owners, but with this new addition to the line of hand held firearms, it has a magazine disconnect ability and a loaded chamber indicator.

LED Laser and light

Although, there is yet to be a specific technical aspects about the laser light, it is noted that its feature includes a bore-axis sighting system that enables instinctual shooting. This is a short range handgun that is considered to be the modern equivalent of most old fashioned belly guns.

Glock Unveils New G40

The Austrian company of Glock has delivered yet another impressive line of handguns. Glock unveils its new G40 with impressive Modular Optics System (MOS). This optics ready configuration for a handgun, has a long slide of 10 mm – the G40.

The new Glock MOS platform offers a convenient way to mount reflex sights without any alterations to the slide. This new G40 includes an Adapter Plate Kit, which contains 4 adapter plates with tools for removal and installation for a series of optics.


Glock 40, 10 mm

The length of G40 is sufficient enough to keep the authorities satisfied with all the gun regulations and the like. With the G40, it’s for sure that the user can send the .40 caliber bullets screaming down the whole range.

The new Glock 40 MOS looks very good and has a heavy payload. It is equipped with a 6-inch barrel and has a capacity of 15 rounds of magazines for the powerful 10mm cartridge. Further, it can be accessorized with any number of reflex sights that can be mounted directly on top of the slide. When doing this, no custom machining is required.

General Specifications
Caliber: 10mm Auto
Overall Length: 241mm/9.49in
Overall Width: 32.5mm/1.28in
Barrel Length: 153mm/6.02in
Mag Capacity: 15 rounds

Glock’s G40 with MOS configuration has the ability to increase its potential accuracy, while giving the competitive shooter, hunter or law enforcer a huge advantage. The length is also increased to improved velocity and hit potential with its 15-round capacity magazines.

The G40 with MOS is powerful and very easy to carry for outdoor shooting. It is generally designed to give the user the ultimate choice in semi-automatic hunting handguns. Moreover, the eight -inch sight radius also help improve shootability with open sights. Meanwhile, the MOS system gives the user the ability to mount all kinds of reflex sights to have faster target acquisition and added long range accuracy.