How To Become A Glock Armorer

We have had many people ask the question, How to become a Glock Armorer. Here is the answer you are looking for.



Requirements: You must be LE, Military or a GSSF Member Costs:  $150.00 for the 8 hour class.  Cost includes lunch, Armorer’s Manual, Glock Tool, orange half cover plate.  Class concludes with a 25 question written exam.
Benefits:  You may order parts directly from Glock, and at a discount.  You may purchase two Glocks at LE price, which for a G17 is $398.20 plus tax plus $10.00 shipping.  Your certificate is good for 3 years.  As a GSSF member, you may purchase one Glock per year at a special GSSF price, which for a G17 is $425.00.  Members may also compete in any GSSF match, where pistols, cash and merchandise prizes are awarded.

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The class schedule is updated weekly. Make sure to check back often to find a class nearest to you.