Remington M700: Good looking and versatile hunting rifle in one

Remington is proud for their M700 as they say it is a 300-yard muzzleloader. This rifle can produce 2,400 fps of muzzle velocity that when used with initial zero 1 ½ inches at 100 yards, performs trajectory of 23.8 inches of drop at 300 yards. The design of M700 is highly pleasing. Its hue ranges from black to dark coffee tone and has a silky satin finish. Remington equipped it with Super Cell recoil pad, making it longer, more comfortable to use, and is more customizable.

Pic5One thing notable about Remington M700 is that you are not being deceived by its appearance. It looks good and at the same time, it performs well. Its X-Mark Pro Adjustable trigger is convenient to use. Aside from the capability to adjust from two to 3 ½ pounds, it also has index marks that enables the shooter to tell how much it is loaded with powder. Its laminated stock is sized well and barrel length of 26 inches fits the design of the rifle. It weighs 6.6 pounds which is appropriate for the rifle to perform recoil with 200-grain powder charge.

In terms of accuracy, Remington claims that it can “consistently shoot groups rivaling center fire rifles.”It shoots relatively consistent but just comparable with other hunting rifles. Although Remington claims it can shoot 300 yards, shooters should try combinations of bullets and powders to experience more consistent performance of M700.

The aesthetics of this rifle root from the additional features loaded to it. Its base plate has additional compartment for extra primers making handling extra convenient, too. It also has de-priming and priming tools which can be used to remove and replace primers on the brass.

In summary, Remington M700 is excellent in terms of handling but should improve in terms of accuracy. It is tough, reliable, and loaded with features that enhanced its versatility. It can perfectly meet the needs of those in need of an admirably crafted hunting rifle.

Rugers Auction for a Ruger .44 Carbine from 1972

New auction launched today! Place your bid on a classic Ruger .44 Carbine rifle from 1972. It features a nice walnut stock and has a fixed tubular magazine that holds 4 rounds (plus one in the chamber). The sights on this rifle are somewhat unique as the 44 Carbine would not normally have two rear sights. The 44RS model has the “built-in” receiver sight, and the 44R has the folding-leaf rear sight. This auction rifle has an unusual configuration with both the “built-in” receiver sight and folding-leaf rear sight. All proceeds will go to the 2012 Olympic Shooting Team.

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Ruger .44 Carbine

Ruger .44 Carbine