The Holster Store – Gun Holsters

The Holster Store will be giving away all of its profits on its pink holster for the month of October. We strongly encourage woman shooters to take a look at The Holster Store products. They are a great company that has really been very successful in making a line of leather holsters that are reasonably priced. They are manufacturer located in Central Florida.


Pink Leather Holster

October as everyone knows is Breast Cancer awareness month and what better way to support woman then to accessorize! This is a perfect holiday gift for a woman and Christmas is just around the corner. The current pink holster available from The Holster Store is for either IWB (Inside the Waistband) or OWB (Outside the Waistband).  They also mentioned that by attaching a large piece of Velcro to the other side you can easily put this into a purse.

Zombie Holster – Zombie Gun – Zombie Ammo

We are “Zombie Ready”! As you can see we have a wide variety of Hornady Z-Max zmmo and the Ruger LCPZ Zombie Slayer. The holster is the picture is from The Holster Store – Can be purchased by clicking here. We have been waiting on getting the entire set of zombie gear in before posting.


Almost everysingle accessory can be purchased with zombie incorporated into it. From guns to holsters they make it all. We have been following some of the best