Beretta 70: The Superstar’s Gun

Beretta 70 is a semi-automatic pistol series, which was inspired by the 7.65 mm Beretta M1935 pistol. It was manufactured by Beretta in Italy. This gun has been very popular because it has been used by many movie stars in some popular movies. The Beretta 70 is a collection or combination of all the improvements made of the Beretta guns since it was manufactured.

Pic4Beretta 70 is a collection or accumulations of all the improvements needed by the pistol M1934/M1935 which was earlier manufactured. The swivel lever of M1934/35 is a cross-bolt safety. This was also the kind of lever which is equipped with the 70; however, this kind of lever is not easy to operate by just using one hand. It could also be switched on or off depending on the grip of the shooter. The company then replaced the cross-bolt safety with a thumb-activated and frame mounted safety, which can be found on most Beretta pistols of the 20th century. The trigger was made smoother by making it softer than the previous pistols manufactured by Beretta. Another special feature added to the gun for easy operation is the long curve that tapered at the top of the gun.

The magazine of the gun was also the magazine used in the M1934/35, which has a division at the front of the floor plate. The sight can either be fixed or adjusted. It is a single action gun and the cartridge used is. 32 CP, .380 ACP or. 22 LR. The barrel length and the weight of the gun or pistol depend on the kind of version of the pistol. The Beretta comes in many versions. It can be used with 7, 8, 9 or 10 round detachable magazines. It is easier compared to the previous guns of the company.