Remington M700: Good looking and versatile hunting rifle in one

Remington is proud for their M700 as they say it is a 300-yard muzzleloader. This rifle can produce 2,400 fps of muzzle velocity that when used with initial zero 1 ½ inches at 100 yards, performs trajectory of 23.8 inches of drop at 300 yards. The design of M700 is highly pleasing. Its hue ranges from black to dark coffee tone and has a silky satin finish. Remington equipped it with Super Cell recoil pad, making it longer, more comfortable to use, and is more customizable.

Pic5One thing notable about Remington M700 is that you are not being deceived by its appearance. It looks good and at the same time, it performs well. Its X-Mark Pro Adjustable trigger is convenient to use. Aside from the capability to adjust from two to 3 ½ pounds, it also has index marks that enables the shooter to tell how much it is loaded with powder. Its laminated stock is sized well and barrel length of 26 inches fits the design of the rifle. It weighs 6.6 pounds which is appropriate for the rifle to perform recoil with 200-grain powder charge.

In terms of accuracy, Remington claims that it can “consistently shoot groups rivaling center fire rifles.”It shoots relatively consistent but just comparable with other hunting rifles. Although Remington claims it can shoot 300 yards, shooters should try combinations of bullets and powders to experience more consistent performance of M700.

The aesthetics of this rifle root from the additional features loaded to it. Its base plate has additional compartment for extra primers making handling extra convenient, too. It also has de-priming and priming tools which can be used to remove and replace primers on the brass.

In summary, Remington M700 is excellent in terms of handling but should improve in terms of accuracy. It is tough, reliable, and loaded with features that enhanced its versatility. It can perfectly meet the needs of those in need of an admirably crafted hunting rifle.

FN F2000: World’s Dangerous Rifle

The FN F2000 is considered as the seventh most dangerous gun in the world because it is gas operated. It was designed and created in Belgium by FN Herstal. It was first displayed in Abu Dhabi during the IDEX defense exhibition last 2001. The FN F2000 gun has three variants that you can choose.

Pic6FN F2000 is a fully automatic 5.56 x 45 mm NATO bullpop assault rifle.

FN F2000 has two main assemblies, the barrel, receiver group and the frame. The assemblies are connected by an axis pin. It has a removable hand guard, which is in front of the trigger and which also encloses the trigger guard. The shooter can shoot the target within a 500 meters range by using a 5.50 caliber. It can also fire 850 for every minute.

FN F2000 safety system and the trigger “mechereceiceranism” followed the previous gun P90 Personal Defense Weapon. The weapon can easily be secured from accidental firing when the fire selector becomes the weapon manual safety. The trigger ceased to function when the setting is adjusted to “safe” mode. The shell or frame of the rifle is made of combined materials. Most of its parts are made of nylon injection molding, however, its hammer, group pins and springs are made of steel.
FN F2000 rifle has no hold-open device; hence, the bolt does not stay back after firing the last round. It has a weapon sight located in the receiver which has a fixed magnification of 1.6 xs. Its reticle does not allow the rifle to be used in low light conditions. FN F2000 has a grenade launcher with standard velocity of 40 x 46 mm grenades. The grenade launcher’s trigger was placed under the F2000 trigger to make it easy to use without giving problems to the users.

FN F2000: World’s Dangerous Rifle

The FN F2000 is a fully automatic 5.56x45mm NATO bullpop assault rifle. It is a gas operated rifle. The FN F2000 was the seventh most dangerous gun in the world. It was designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium. It was first shown in Abu Dhabi during the IDEX defense exhibition last 2001.

Pic3The FN F2000 is composed of two main assemblies: the barreled receiver group and the frame. The assemblies are joined together by an axis pin. The hand guard, which is removable, is in front of the trigger and encloses the trigger guard. It has a 5.50 Caliber where the shooter can shoot the target at the range of 500 meters. It can also shoot 850 rounds per minute. The safety system and the trigger “mechereceiceranism” were both patterned from the previous gun P90 Personal Defense weapon. The weapon can be secured easily from accidental discharge when the fire selector doubles and has become the weapon manual safety. When the setting is set to “safe”, the trigger is disabled from functioning. The shell of the rifle is made with composite materials. Most of the parts of the rifle are made of nylon injection molding, but its hammer, group pins and springs are made of steel.

In firing the last round, the bolt does not stay back. This is the main reason why the rifle has no hold-open device. It has a weapon sight with a fixed magnification of 1.6x located in the receiver. The reticle prevents the rifle to be used in low light conditions. It has a grenade launcher which uses standard, low velocity 40 x 46 mm grenades. The grenade launcher’s trigger is directly under the F2000 trigger for ease of access without really causing problems to the user. This gun comes in three variants.

Security with a Trigger

Security and freedom are expensive necessities that everyone is willing to give everything for. This necessity leads to the making of weapons. There are different kinds of weapon available nowadays but the most common of its form are the guns. Guns are usually with high muzzle velocity and comparatively flat trajectory. Through the ages, guns have evolved. It now comes in all sizes, from cannons to small fire arms that suits the need of the owner.


Rifles are one of the many kinds of gun. It is designed to be fired from the shoulder. Its barrel is in helical pattern which cuts into the barrel walls. Before, rifles can only fire one projectile with each pull of the trigger. Modern rifle can shot multiple projectiles in just one pull. Today, automatic rifles have been produced. It is not the same with the machine guns but machine guns are an adaptation from it.

Shotgun, like rifle, is designed to be fired from the shoulder. Unlike rifles, shotguns are use for short-range targets. It is designed to shoot a spread of shots at moving targets while the rifles are designed to shoot one point with favorable accuracy.

Handguns are another kind of gun. The handgun barrel is much shorter than a rifle or shotgun barrel. Unlike the rifle and shotgun, this gun is designed to be shot while being held with one or both hands. The pattern of this gun have helical pattern which is similar to the rifles.

No matter how helpful a gun is it has also its cons. Though the government is doing everything to put things in control, many cases of killings are due to recklessness of handling guns. Instead of providing security, it provides terror to the innocent victims of innumerable crimes. Remember, the deadliest weapon is not a gun but a gun in the hands of a mad man. Vigilance and discipline will always be the key to security.

Browning 22 Semi Auto Rifle

The Browning 22 Semi Auto Rifle or commonly called as the Semi Automatic 22 is a blow-back type action semi-automatic rifle and is regarded as a classic firearm. It was the first auto loading rim fire of its family. This was engineered to provide rapid fire action and excellent accuracy. It leaves a legacy as a dependable rifle with good handling. It was produced by FN Herstal based on a patent under John Browning. The SA 22 that is manufactured in Belgium is widely collected because of its grade of engraving and gold inlay.


The Browning 22 Semi Auto Rifle works only with a .22 caliber rim fire ammunition as designated on the barrel. The rifle can only fire single round per pull of the trigger until the magazine is empty. The cartridges can be found in the magazine and in the chamber. This rifle can be easily carried when going out for hunting because it is lightweight. The magazine can hold up to 11 cartridges. The rifle weighs 5.2 pounds and 37 inches long. It has a takedown autoloader with bottom ejection and rear magazine.

A crossbolt safety is equipped in the forward part of the trigger guard for convenience and safety. Left-handers need not to worry about this gone because a left-hand safety can be installed on this. All the SA 22 are equipped with special mounts specifically made for this rifle. Unlike most rifles, the mounts are attached in the barrel and not in the receiver.



The SA 22 has a vintage-like engraving that is made with selected blued steel and walnut making it to look more classical. The spent cases are ejected downwards. This design was not applied not just to make it look classier than the rest of the rifles but to it was intended to keep the shooter’s face protected from gasses and other particles when firing. It is checkered with polish gloss finish.

Semi Auto 22, Grade VI Grayed

This is one of the upgrades of SA 22. The only thing added to this version is the aluminum scope base and scope. The combination of two scopes makes the shooting more accurate. The receiver is made of steel and has a game scene engraved with 24 karat gold accents. It is crossbolt safety and autoloading with tubular magazine. The polished blued finish barrel is drilled and tapped for scope mount.

Semi Auto 22, Grade VI Blued

This rifle has the same features as to that of the grayed one. The edge of this rifle is that it has adjustable sights with gold beard front. If the shooter’s love black then this SA 22 is the answer.

Semi Auto 22 High Grade 100th Anniversary

The receiver is made with steel with takedown design and polished with blued finish. This rifle is designed with the release anniversary engraving that features John M. Browning located on top of the receiver. Unlike other SA 22, its barrel is octagonal. Aside from the sights being adjustable it has also gold bead front sight blade and folding leaf rear sight. The trigger portrays luxury since it is made of gold. There are only 100 units produced by the company specially made for their centennial anniversary.

How To Pick The Right Ammo, For The Right Duck

Wildfowling has become both a science and a sport for many bird hunters. With different shot materials, ammo and pellet shapes and configurations surrounding the market, most hunters are puzzled as to which is best for a particular bird hunting. Below is a quick guide on how to make your shell buying as easy as possible:

For Small Ducks

Use a shell from Kent TealSteel with 12 ga., 3-in., 1,350 fps, 1 ¼ oz., No.5 & 6 steel in order to have a effective range of up to 30 yards. In addition, this type of shell has a recoil of about 35 ft.-lb. Its suggested retail price at $12 per 25 rounds is cost effective for this speedster’s size and erratic flight. Further, the small pellets are perfect to fill a wide pattern from a Skeet or Improved Cylinder-choke gun.


For Medium Ducks

The best shell to use with medium size ducks is Federal Black Cloud with 12 ga., 3 in., 1,450 fps, 1 ¼ oz., No.3. Or you may choose the Winchester DryLok that has a 12 ga., 3 in., 1,265 fps, 1 3/8 oz., No.3 with an added range effectivity of 50 yards. The expected recoil range is 39 ft.-lb., a very affordable shell for its $23 per round price market. This type of shell is an excellent choice for an all-around swatter load with good pattern density and power over most normal ranges.

For Large Ducks

The Remington HyperSonic Steel is the ultimate choice for large ducks with 12 ga., 3 in., 1,700 fps, 1 ¼ oz., No. 2 specs. Furthermore, a 50 yard effectivity range is perfect for duck hunting and a recoil of 52 ft.-lb. for only at $26 per 25 rounds. This type of shell increases the effective killing range on most large duck in the wild due to its high velocity level.