Ruger American Rifle Innovative Features

William Batterman Ruger is the man behind the Ruger American Rifle (RAR). He was able to resurrect the guns of the late 19th century, enhanced the design, then earn a lot on each new design.

Clever Curve

When designing a firearm, you normally start with the magazine, this is what Ruger engineers did in this rifle. They have done something clever. The Ruger American Rifle’s magazine is detachable, which is not rare, but it is likewise rotary, which is very uncommon in a centerfire rifle.

Instead of having a flat bottom it has a shallow four-round box. This enabled Ruger to design a slender, molded stock that follows the magazine’s profile. And because of this, it has a curved bottom, too, instead of the ordinary flat. It also has a good recoil pad.

Power Bedding System

The Ruger’s Power Bedding System is embedded in the stock, hanging beneath the front receiver ring. It has 4 angled aluminum bedding blocks that snugly fit in the receiver’s grooves. If the bedding screws are tightened, it will pull the receiver straight down as well as the wedge into position, this contributes to the rifle’s remarkable accuracy.

There are two stainless steel V blocks, bedded into the stock with upper surfaces that is carefully-machined. A slight radius is built into one surface to make up for any modifications in parts fit. On the receiver’s underside, just aft and fore of the ejection port, are sets of slots that snuggle neatly into the V-block fingers. To secure the action to the stock it has two allen head screws, and if everything is snuggled-down, you will have a metal-to-metal fit. In case the weather changes, if things get knocked around, it does not matter. The secret to accuracy is consistency, and this system is consistent.

The stock is contoured nicely and in the forearm it has built-in unique finger grooves. The RAR grip is enhanced with a molded-in gripping surface, and the magazine plastic box is easily inserted or detached.

Spikes Tactical – AR15 – Gun Blog

Look at what Spikes Tactical has to offer! They sure do make some of the best tactical rifles in the business. The details for this rifle are listed below.


Here are the key features:

Custom Lothar Walther barrel, 1:7 twist, CMV, Mid-length gas system, 14.5″ OAL, Fluted, Taper profile, dished Target crown, Melonite finish inside and out, Nickel Boron coated M4 barrel extension.
NP3 coated lower receiver, upper receiver, Billet trigger guard, 7075 Mil-Spec buffer tube, and Forged charging handle.

Nickel Boron coated Light weight ball dimpled M16 BCG. Ionbond coated gas rings.

Nickel Boron Coated ST Battle trigger. Titanium Dynacomp, Ti anodized and pinned for 16″ OAL.

Titanium Adjustable gas block, Ti anodized, w/ Iconel gas valve. Custom Stippled Magpul furniture.

Beretta ARX-160 7.62×39

This one looks like the SCAR, but is in fact made by Beretta in 7.62X39. Looks like a well made machine if you want my honest opinion.  As you can see they have incorporated the looks of their new pistols into this rifle.
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Rugers Auction for a Ruger .44 Carbine from 1972

New auction launched today! Place your bid on a classic Ruger .44 Carbine rifle from 1972. It features a nice walnut stock and has a fixed tubular magazine that holds 4 rounds (plus one in the chamber). The sights on this rifle are somewhat unique as the 44 Carbine would not normally have two rear sights. The 44RS model has the “built-in” receiver sight, and the 44R has the folding-leaf rear sight. This auction rifle has an unusual configuration with both the “built-in” receiver sight and folding-leaf rear sight. All proceeds will go to the 2012 Olympic Shooting Team.

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Ruger .44 Carbine

Ruger .44 Carbine

The Story of a $300.00 Bullet

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I enjoyed this video the first time I watched it so I though I would share with everyone. This is a good lesson for those who think you need more than a 30-06 when hunting in North America.

Zeiss 30mm CONQUEST Duralyt Riflescope Line

Zeiss 30mm CONQUEST Duralyt Riflescope Line

Zeiss 30mm CONQUEST Duralyt Riflescope Line



  • -Zeiss MC coating for enhanced light transmission
  • -Anodized Finishes
  • -Waterproof
  • -Dust-proof
  • -Low magnification and wide field of view (allows for quick and safe target acquisition)
  • -nitrogen filled to prevent fogging

This new line of rugged and versatile scopes are compact and lightweight yet extremely powerful. Wide fields of view are suited for use at dawn and early dusk. An excellent choice for hunting anything from varmints to whitetail.