Ruger SR9c Compact Pistol: Simple yet extraordinary

Ruger SR9c is a carry handgun perfect for men and women. Its durability comes with a lot of features that make it easy to handle yet reliable. Its slide is made of alloy steel and has non-reflective black nitrate finish making it ideal for use even at bright lighted place. Its weight, length, and height are 23.40 oz., 6.85 inches, 4.61 inches, respectively. From this you can say that compared to other, SR9c is lightweight and slim. It is the compact pistol ready to fit your pockets during a normal day. Its grip is 1.27 inches in width and framed by a glass-filled nylon, therefore allows excellent gun control and minimizes recoil. Its capacity and grip size is flexible because of its standard magazine and second magazine that can hold 10 rounds and 17 rounds, respectively. The standard magazine is accessorized with a finger grip extension while the second magazine with grip adapter.

Pic1Target acquisition is enhanced by its high-visibility 3 dot sight system that can be easily adjusted for elevation and air resistance. Compared to other pistons, SR9c compact pistons are equipped with serrations on the front slide portion which allows shooters to easily manipulate it while press checking the chambers. It is also equipped with safety features namely 1911 –style ambidextrous manual safety, trigger safety, tactile loaded chamber indicator, and striker blocker, magazine disconnect, and internal trigger bar interlock.

Since it has short barrel and slide, SR9c semi-automatic pistol employs guide rod and dual captured recoil spring, making it highly dependable. This easy to use, durable, lightweight, and reliable compact pistol is one of the most advisable guns for woman. Despite providing women shooters low-maintenance handgun, the gun’s accessories and safety features are its edge to other carry handgun. This 9mm pistol is really amazing because it is dependable and most of all, simple for handling and shooting.

Newest Uzi Pistols in 2015

The Uzi brand is widely known for its yearly sales with over 2 million carbines and pistols all over the world since 1963. The Uzi Submachine Guns was invented and patented by Uziel Gal who gave its production rights to the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

The iconic submachine gun is recognized worldwide for its boxy lines and snub-nosed barrel that will sport two new models in 2015. The Uzi Pro and Uzi Pro SB will debut with plenty of offers for gun shooters.

The Uzi Pro and Uzi Pro SB Pistols are one of the many innovations from the gun industry. It now features the most advanced firearm technology with added functionality and design. The Uzi Pro is built to perfection with uncompromising performance and reliability on a powerful design.

It displays a very advanced polymer pistol grip which reduces total weight and uses an integrated magazine release button for faster and easier magazine changes.

Meanwhile, the cocking handle permits a full length Picatinny rail on the top receiver cover. It also has added functionality such as additional accessory placement due to a small Picatinny rail into its polymer body mounted just below the barrel.

The second model is the Uzi Pro SB (Stabilizing Brace), which is equipped with a side folding stabilizing brace. This was designed to aid shooters with mobility in order for them to operate and achieve greater accuracy while shooting efficiently and effectively.

Both the Pro and SB pistols feature important safety mechanisms including conventional manual thumb safety, firing pin block and a grip safety that should be depressed first before it can be cocked and fired. Further, the pistols have two magazines, one with a 20-round capacity and the other one is a 25-rounder.

Moreover, for one to own an Uzi pistol doesn’t come as easy as it can be. It comes with a price, a great price but with sufficient value.




Denver, Colorado – February 15th, 2013 – Magpul Industries, an Erie, Colorado, based manufacturer of firearms accessories, announced today that it will be forced to leave the state if House Bill 1224, which would ban standard capacity magazines, becomes law. The announcement was made to Governor Hickenlooper, state legislators, members of the media, and in a full-page advertisement to appear in the Denver Post on Sunday.

Richard Fitzpatrick, Founder, President, and CEO of Magpul Industries, said that regardless of any amendments that may be worked into the bill, he will no longer be able to continue to do business in Colorado if his core product is made illegal.

“Our company could not, in good conscience, continue to manufacture our products in a state where law-abiding citizens are prohibited from purchasing and owning them. ” Fitzpatrick said. “The passage of this bill will do nothing to enhance public safety, but will force us to immediately begin taking our business to another state.”

A proponent of the bill argued that with the amendment language, the choice to stay or leave was up to Magpul. Fitzpatrick responded, “Our relationship with our customers across the country would be severely damaged if this bill passes and we stay. We’ve already heard word of potential boycotts if that happens. They (legislators) really need to understand that our customer base is as passionate about freedoms as we are, and staying here if this bill passes would cripple the company. Make no doubt about it…we have no choice, and would be forced to leave in order to save the business.”

Magpul cited the example of the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show, which was canceled earlier this year after the organizers announced that it would not permit a popular category of firearm, like the ones Magpul makes accessories for, in the show. Public outcry from the customer base forced exhibitors to withdraw from participation, causing the cancellation of the show, and an estimated loss of $70 million of show revenue for hotels, restaurants, merchants, and other businesses in Pennsylvania, where the show was to be held.

Magpul Industries directly employs 200 people, supports another 400 supply-chain jobs, and contributes over $85 million annually to Colorado’s economy. Doug Smith, Chief Operating Officer for Magpul, says that it is a difficult position to be in. “We could choose to stay in a state that wants our jobs and revenue, but not our products, and lose half the jobs we are fighting to save, or potentially the entire business, when our customers stop buying. Or, we can take the company and those 600 jobs out of Colorado to continue our growth and the growth of American manufacturing in a state that shares our values. This is not really a choice. It’s an unfortunate and inevitable result of the actions of the Legislature if this bill passes.”

Magpul was started over a decade ago by Fitzpatrick, a former U.S. Marine. It has become one of Colorado’s fastest growing businesses, successfully marketing its products to American and allied military forces, police departments, sporting goods stores, and thousands of responsible private citizens. Fitzpatrick says that the rich western culture and strong values of individual freedom and responsibility, traditionally found in Colorado, were one of the reasons the company chose to remain in the state.

“It is heartbreaking to me, my employees, and their families, to think that we will be forced to leave,” Fitzpatrick said. “But if HB13-1224 passes, we will simply have no choice.”


What you can do to help!


Please contact the following to help our friends at Magpul out. No company deserves to go through this and should never have to. The politics involved in the Sandy Hook tragedy has gone too far. When are these politicians going to get there minds in the right place and do what is best for the country? I hope that everyone that reads this will do something. That’s the only way to prevent this from happening. Your voice does matter.

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John W Hickenlooper, Governor 136 State Capitol Denver, CO 80203-1792

(303) 866-2471

(303) 866-2003