Choosing A Home Defense Weapon

This topic seems to be one of the biggest questions when buying your first gun. We are going to go ahead and break down what gun is going to be the safest choice. We are not going to personally reccomend any of the mentioned guns. It all depends on the situation.


Lets start off with the most common gun used, the revolver. The revolver can be easily slipped into the night stand drawer and can be easily concealed if needed. Many revolvers come in different calibers such as the .38, .357, 32, and 22lr. Each one of these calibers can do great harm to a intruder and can easily eliminate a threat. We do suggest you stay with a larger caliber as many victims of a 22lr, tend to stay mobile (This of course depends on the situation and the accuracy of the shooter).





Jamming is never going to be a problem when using a revolver in a home defense situation. The chances of the gun working is almost 100%. You should have no problem with the overall performance of the weapon. The revolver is also a user friendly weapon. Almost anyone can load the bullets and pull the trigger. Very simple basic design that we have used for many years.

A common revolver these days for home defense usually holds only 5-6 rounds. This could cause you a major problem if you have multiple intruders. Leaving no room for missed shots or misfires. This is a large concern of those who are looking at this option as a self defense weapon.


Common Revolvers:

Taurus Revolvers
S&W Revolvers
Charter Arms Revolvers


The next common defense weapon is the pistol grip shotgun. Many people rely on this as their weapon of choice because of the size of the weapon, the damage it can cause, and the amount of bullets it can hold.


Pistol Grip Shotgun

Pistol Grip Shotgun


The shotgun can hold about eight 12Gauge rounds. This can do a lot of damage and cause serious harm. If you have multiple intruders and have a shotgun, your chances of the scenario ending in your favor is going to be way higher. Another great thing about a shotgun is having a pump action. If you were to hear someone breaking in your house you can easily slam the pump action and load a shell into the chamber. The sound of the shotgun being racked is going to be heard by the intruder. In most cases, this is going to scare off your intruder and might send him running. This is a win win situation. You didn’t have to kill someone and now the police can handle the situation. The shotgun is a very good choice when it comes to home defense.

The large size of the weapon prevents a problem. You are unable to keep this weapon in your room without someone seeing it. Therefore it has to be put into a closet or someone safe (This of course depends on your living arrangement). Jamming is also a concern. You don’t want to rack a shell in the chamber and it get jammed. This will definitely put you into a panic mode and just might cost you.


Common Shotguns:

Mossberg 500
Remington 870
Maverick 88


The last self defense weapon is the semi-auto. These guns are not as common as the other options because of a couple reasons. These are more common for those who prefer to just go to the range or shoot competition. These guns are not even a option to older woman trying to defend themselves. Most older woman cannot rack the slide because it takes a certain amount of strength to do so.





Can hold plenty of rounds to take care of the situation no matter how many intruders are breaking in. Having the ability to rack the slide so the intruder can hear you have a weapon is also a good thing. You want them to know you mean business(This is a debated topic as well. Some prefer not to let the intruder know. Just a personal preference.). Scaring the intruder can play a major role in the outcome of the situation. If you scare them, they are not going to stick around. If they scare you, they have the upper hand and could lead to a very bad situation.

Once again jamming is a major factor here. If you are in a highly tense situation you are going to be shaking. With shaking comes the chance of jamming. You don’t need this if you are already in a high stressed situation. The chances of you unjamming the gun and being back on target are going to be very low.

Common Semi-Autos:

Sig Sauer



I hope this helps you and if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to leave them. I am not perfect nor am I telling you which one to choose. This is all based on information I have received from selling guns for many years. I would love some input and would be willing to add you comments.

Diamondback RTS Shotgun

It looks like Guns Holsters and Gear caught a glimpse of Diamondbacks new shotgun. The Diamondback RTS shotgun is still a prototype and not yet for sale. If I know Diamondback like I think I do, it’s only a matter of time.


To take a full sneak peak at this beauty check out Guns Holsters and Gear.

DiamondBack at 2012 Shot Show – Showing off the Diamondback DBRTS Tactical shotgun

Looks like Diamondback will be showing off their new tactical shotgun the DBRTS.   In 2011 Diamondback Firearms released one of the smallest 9mm compact pistols on the market.

They have not released much information on the new DBRTS but im sure after the shot show we will know everything!

Will update as soon as we hear more.

Shot Show 2012

2012 Shot Show


We are finally only one month away from the 2012 SHOT SHOW. The important dates for this event is:

January 17-20th
Sands Expo Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

With the 2011 SHOT SHOW being a record breaking trade show, we can only imagine the turnout that 2012 is going to bring us. Every year thousands of people across the country come to see what new products are coming out for shooting enthusiasts. The SHOT SHOW is know to be one of the largest trade shows for gun store owners. This is the time of the year that weapon manufactures go above and beyond to win the business of retail gun stores. Do not miss your chance to see what the manufactures have been working on all year!


Looking to book your stay? Click here to make reservations


With gun sales on the rise for the past 16 months, this could be one of the best years for the SHOT SHOW. The shooting industry is already bringing in just over 4 billion dollars to the U.S. Economy, and continues to grow. Most gun store owners believe that 2012 just might be the biggest year the industry will see. With the election right around the corner and more liberals pushing for more gun control, gun sales are not going to start decreasing anytime soon.


Samson Manufacturing Corporation – Shotgun 3X3 shell carriers

Samson Manufacturing Corporation – Shotgun 3X3 shell carriers




Wanting a easy way to hold your shotgun shells? This seems like the end to all of your problems. I would have to say this sure beats putting these into some nylon stretchy material on the side of your stock. This design is simple and very user friendly.  These units are made by Samson Manufacturing Corporation and sell for $69.95. They only have a limited supply and are requesting that you call them to order.(1-888-665-4370).

These shell carriers give you double the shell capacity for the same realestate as a single row shell career.  They are very durable, and made of aluminum