MG3 Machine Gun

The MG3 machine gun is an all-purpose machine gun and has been used as a squad support weapon and a vehicle mounted machine gun. The MG3 machine gun is designed perfectly as a cubicle for the 7.62 x 51 mm NATO cartridge. More so, the MG3 machine was manufactured by a Germany Firm. It has many variations and it is used by the armed forces in about thirty countries.Pic10

Specifications and Designs

The MG3 machine gun is known to be one of the most dangerous weapons in the world. It is capable to shoot 1000-1300 rounds per minute by using 7.62 calibers within an effective range of 1200 meters. The MG3 is an automatic machine gun, which is air-cooled, belt-fed and it has a short-recoil. It has a roller bolt mechanism. The machine gun has a bolt head, a pair of rollers, a striker sleeve, a bolt body and a return spring. The MG3 is safe to use because it has a wedge shaped striker sleeve which can be used to secure the bolt. This makes the MG3 safest to use, sparing you the trouble of worrying about its bolt.

The MG3 submachine guns are fired or shoot from an open bolt. The rate can be changed by putting different recoil springs and bolts. The machine gun feeds from its left side by a feed block using a metal if ever you run out of bullets. It is also easy to manage and handle and to monitor the number of available ammunitions by using the clear drum at the back. The MG3 is also easy to use because the user need not worry about running out of bullets because the MG3 machine gun has a quick-change and a chrome-lined barrel. It has a muzzle device which is placed at the end of the barrel. The muzzle device acts as a flash suppressor, muzzle brake and recoil booster.

The MG3 machine gun has many variations. Its design also includes an artificial polymer stock, a folding Bipod and an open type iron sights. The sights setting ranges from 200 to 1200 meters.

Beretta Pico 380

Beretta USA has just released its new .380 pistol called the Beretta Pico. This small sub compact 380 pistol is very similar in size and shape to the Beretta Nano 9. The Beretta Pico is hammer-fired and offers a sleek sub-compact design.

Beretta Pico:
Super thin, ultra concealable, and easy to configure, the Beretta Pico sets a new standard for the micro compact carry pistol. The thinnest .380 auto made…by a full millimeter…the snag-free Pico’s slide and frame is a true 18 mm at thier widest point. The grip frame, sights, and caliber (go from a .380 to a .32 by changing the barrel) are all simple to modify. Extremely soft shooting with a double action trigger, the Pico is easy to control with its smooth, tip-to-parallel, straight line action. The removable, serialized sub-chassis and modular frame feature simple disassembly for easy cleaning and customizing. The modular chassis can accommodate a Lasermax Laser frame and be customized with a selection of colored frames. Even the dovetail quick-change sights can be adjusted or replaced by the user. Light, durable, and easy to draw from concealment, the Pico brings all the reliability and quality of a Beretta to bear on its standing as the leader of a new generation of concealed carry firearms.


Overall Length:       5.1 in/ 130 mm
Barrel Length :        2.7 in/ 70 mm
Overall Width :       .725 in / 18 mm
Grip Width :            .725 in/ 18 mm
Overall Height :       4.0 in/ 100 mm
Sight Radius :         3.3 in/ 84 mm
Weight unloaded :  11.5 oz/ 325 grams with empty magazine,approximate






Sterling 9mm Carbine Review

Sterling 9mm Carbine report by: Berto

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I used Fiocchi 115gr fmj and tried some 124gr Gold Dots. The magazines for the Sterling hold 34rnds,  but usually run best with 30-32 loaded in.

Instead of followers, they actually use rollers, making it easier to load and helping reliability.

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Shooting was good, though I need to adjust the front sight and raise the POI and move it over right a few inches.
COM was rapid fire at 30ft and the head shots were 65ft.


Function was good with Fiocchi, but it doesn’t do Gold Dots…period. It would mash the hollowpoint and set back the bulet in the case from being slammed by the heavy bolt.
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I was able to get through enough Gold Dots to put up a nice six shot group, though way low and left at 65ft.

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The peep and post sights seem coarse, but they work well and recoil is pretty close to zero with only the heavy bolt bumping the sights off. Pretty much an easy shooter.



Bersa BP9cc Review by skud_dusty

This review is provided by: skud_dusty


I’ve been on the quest for a perfect CCW pistol for years now. I’ve got from Glocks to Sigs to 1911s and everything in between. There are a small handful of manufacturers that I haven’t actually owned, and most I’ve tried in gun shops. I finally settled on an Officer’s sized 1911 for my current carry gun, but couldn’t get over how heavy it is. As a few of you know my buying/selling/trading has gotten completely out of hand trying to find “the one” only to be continually wasting time and money. Yesterday I set out to see what I could find. I had some money in my pocket, a full tank of gas, and an understanding girlfriend that didn’t mind tagging along on a 100+ mile road trip to visit 6 of my favorite gun shops. After spending most of the day playing with guns I haven’t tried before and being severely disappointed, I was at the point where I thought I should just buy another Glock and make myself like it. When we pulled into the last gun shop I saw a pistol I had heard about more than 2 years ago but had never seen.

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Bersa is best know for their Walther PPK clones but they also produce a model called the Thunder which is somewhat similar to the Walther P88. This pistol is a new venture for them and as far as I’m aware is their first real stand-alone design.

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The feel is very Kahr-like. The pistol itself is very slim, although a bit top heavy. In the hand it feels like a smoothed over Kahr with no sharp edges and a rubbery grip. The trigger is kind of odd, there is quite a bit of take-up with some roughness as the internal safeties are disengaged. It has a fairly light but obvious breaking point that, after a few dry fires, feels easily staged. The reset is what amazed me most about this pistol, it is VERY short and audible. I would almost go so far as to say it’s better than a Glock’s reset. Quick shooting should be extremely easy with this pistol. As far as size, the pistol is quite small.

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In hand it feels larger than it actually is. While being extremely thin, it’s large enough to get a good solid thumbs-forward grip. It’s hard to describe; this pistol feels like it was made for my hands. All the bumps and grooves fit right where my fingers go with my normal grip, something I haven’t found before on any pistol. Speaking of thin, this thing makes a compact 1911 look like a Glock 21.

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As far as accessories go, holsters are few and far between at the moment. I’ve read that Kahr CW9 holsters will fit but haven’t tested this theory out myself yet. Further reading has also shown me that Bersa uses a Sig front sight and a Glock rear sight, so night sights will be easy to come by. I’m not sure why the company decided to go that route, but it’s what I’m told.

XTI Xpress Threat Interdiction AR-15 Angle Mount Sights

XS® Sight Systems Introduces it’s XTI AR-15 Angle Mount Back-up Iron Sights.

January 12, 2012 – Fort Worth, TX — XS® Sight Systems, in collaboration with Lone Star Armory, will introduce the XTI™ (Xpress Threat Interdiction™) AR-15 angle mount sights at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada next week. The XTI™ with XS® Express Standard Dot Tritium front, and White Stripe rear, are back-up iron sights designed for quick acquisition in CQB situations.

The result of extensive field testing the XTI™ AR-15 Angle Mount prototypes were put through their paces by police firearms instructors, SWAT and patrol officers, as well as combat-seasoned former military professionals.

Here is what Police Firearms Instructor, Officer Michael Moore had to say about XS® Sight Systems’ New XTI™ AR-15 Angle Mount Back-up Iron Sights.

“Magnified optics are great at distance but can be a hindrance when engaging threats at close range. The addition of your new sights to a weapon allows the officer to have the best of both worlds. They can engage a target with precision at distance and still be able to quickly engage a threat at close range. While testing these sights we had several instructors and officers engage targets at ranges from 7 yards to 50 yards and everyone was able to keep all rounds in the center of the target.

These new offset sights are another great innovation from your company.”

Available now at and for hands-on inspection next week at the 2012 SHOT Show inLas Vegas, the XTI™ Xpress Threat Interdiction™ AR-15 Angle Mount Back-up Iron Sights are an excellent addition to Tac optics class 3-gun rifles and patrol rifles with magnified optics.

Product# AR-0007-4            Retail Price: $150.00

About XS Sight Systems:

Started in 1997, XS Sight Systems is a leader in the manufacturing of practical hunting and combat effective tactical products. Director of Marketing, Stephanie Pastusek: Technical Support: XS Sight System products are made in the USA.

For more information visit