Uzi Submachine Gun

The Uzi Submachine Gun was designed and created by Major Uziel Gal during the late 1940s. It is manufactured by Israel Military Industry. It is usually used as a personal defense weapon by troops and other infantry assault forces. The Uzi Submachine Gun is a series of Israeli open-bolt, blow back operated gun exported to more than ninety countries all over the world for military law enforcement and other security markets. It is being used as a front line weapon because of its size and efficacy.Pic11

Specification and Design

The Uzi Submachine Gun design was inspired by other guns like Jaroslav Holocek design Czech ZK 476. It is an open-bolt design and blowback operated. The submachine gun can be used in firing continuously without giving you any reason to worry about overheating the gun because the open bolt design exposes the breech end of the barrel which can cool the gun.

Using the Uzi Has also some disadvantages. Considering the bolt is held at the back when cocked, the receiver is susceptible to contamination like sand and dust. The weapon is made by using a stamped sheet metal. This is one reason why the production of this gun is cheaper than the other. The Uzi submachine gun is a powerful gun; however, it can easily be opened for repair and maintenance because of its few moving parts. The Uzi is also safe to use because the pistol grip is fitted with a grip safety. This grip safety prevents accidental firing to happen.

The original magazine 9mm Uzi 25 rounds should be used in using the Uzi submachine gun. The calibers can also be changed. There are many calibers available in the market which can fit this gun. The gun is really deadly even if the caliber size used is small.