All New TCP with Wings from Taurus

Taurus has redesigned and re-engineered their new TCP pistol with wings to assist shooters with limited upper body strength or poor shooting technique. The new Taurus TCP with wings functions exactly the same as the regular TCP pistol. However, Taurus engineered a pair of retractable metal flaps attached to the rear of the slide hinges. The TCP with wings pistol is specifically designed for shooters that need assistance in chambering a round or locking the back slide.



The TCP pistol with wings of is equipped with a .380 ACP caliber with a magazine capacity of 6 rounds. Its barrel length is at 3.3” and an overall length of 5.25”. When unloaded, its weight is about 10.2 oz. and has a fixed sight.


The durability of the wings, according to Taurus representatives had more than 1,000 rounds through it. This handgun is basically designed for law enforcement officer and other safety personnel, that is why it was designed to handle the forces associated with using it with one handed reload. Moreover, this kind of maneuver can be uncommon to most guns but will surely help in operations associated with safety and security.

Taurus TCP pistol with wings will be out in the market come second quarter of the year 2015. In addition, the suggested market price is yet to be released since there might be some changes. However, it is determined by Taurus representatives that the retail price of the new TCP with wings pistol is close to the existing Taurus TCP models.