Smith and Wesson Model 642 Snub Nose Revolver

642 Snub Nose Smith and Wesson revolver were originally designed and created by Col. Rex Applegate. It was first introduced in 1990 but was pulled out of the market in 1993. However, it was again introduced in 1996. Model 642 revolver is considered as one of the revolvers which have made tremendous sales in the market.

Pic7Smith and Wesson have a collection of lightweight revolvers including the Snub Nose Revolver Model 642. The Model 642 revolver weighs more than 3 ounces of the Smith and Wesson’s Scandium Models which has an aluminum frame and a stainless steel cylinder and a barrel. On the other hand, Model 642 Snub Nose revolver weighs more or less 15 ounces, if it is empty. It has an aluminum frame and a stainless steel cylinder and a barrel. Model 642 snub Nose is solid, light and very portable. It is easy to handle and manage and can really be depended always. Smith and Wesson Snub Nose Model 642 revolver will always let you hit your target. It won’t let you down. It will always help you become victorious.

Smith and Wesson Model 642 Snub Nose revolver is user friendly. It is easy to operate if you really know how to pull the trigger. For instance, even beginners will be able to operate it in just a minute after teaching them some points in using the revolver. Model 642 has three controls, including the Cylinder latch, the Ejector Rod and the Trigger.

Smith and Wesson Snub Nose Model 642 revolver is handy and is easy to carry anywhere you go. It has no hammer. It has also been known for its durability and dependability. All of these features have made Smith and Wesson Snub Nose Model 642 the favorite weapon to carry anywhere all the time.

Newest Smith & Wesson M&P Ported Pistols

Smith & Wesson has announced the release of four additional M&P Ported Pistol models that comes with ported and lightened slides. The latest models are designed to be competition-ready for every gun player.

The four new versions of M&P pistols comes in different ranges of size from 9mm and .40 S&W and 4.25 and the 5 inch full size configurations.


Design and Innovation

The pistols are designed to have a V-style port at the muzzle end of the barrel and includes 6 cutouts at the slides. However, only two are used to vent gas while the cutouts lightens the slide, enabling to increase cycle time and lowers felt recoil.

The built in accurate platform of M&P’s low bore axis, allows an enhanced competition gun that will hit any target ranges. In addition, it will also aid in shorter split times and more rounds on target.

For gamers who want to seek fast action cycles and shave fractions of seconds off their splits, this kind of pistol works best for a gaming thrilled with action.
Moreover, this M&P ported pistols accept a range of micro red dot sights due to its machined slides with adapter plates. In order to clear the base of MRDS, they use a tall suppressor sight to enable it to be use even if malfunction occurs.

An addition to its efficient feature, is the Performance Center Trigger which is set at 4.5 pounds with an adjustable over travel stop. So not only is the new trigger race-ready, something that’s never been very true for M&P pistols in general, if the user decides to upgrade it with aftermarket parts the over travel stop can still be used with other trigger.

All the models of M&P ported pistols are equipped to let the shooters have a straightforward polymer-framed striker fired competition ready. As such, all four models are priced at $812.