The Silver Release of Desert Eagle .50 AE

Desert Eagle’s pistols are designed, researched, accessorized and customized in the last 25 years to cater the needs of gun enthusiasts. Desert Eagle has become a widely popular gun icon in the past years. In 2015, they are ready to market the all new Desert Eagle .50 AE. This popular icon is designed to have an all-stainless-steel frame, slide, barrel and frame rail.

According to Desert Eagle’s Vice President of sales and marketing, the line of guns that they offer has always been considered a beast among all the guns in the market. And with the release of its stainless steel hand pistol, it will definitely have an overpowering appearance at all guns stores and of course, at the shooting range.

In addition to all the strengths of the new stainless steel pistol, it is also renowned for its easy to repair capability, from minor scratches compared to other custom-finish models.

This silver release of Desert Eagle .50 AE is completely manufactured at the United States. The pistol is available in standard 6-inch barrel or and integral muzzle brake.


The market suggested retail price of the a6-inch all new stainless steel model of Desert Eagle is $1793, while the integral muzzle is priced at over $1931.



Desert Eagle .50 Stainless Steel (DE50SR) has a .50 AE caliber with single action capability. Its overall length is 10.75 inches along with a 6-inch barrel. The design offers reduced coil, less muzzle flip and and added sophisticated look.

The magazine has a 7-round capacity and an overall length of 10.75 inches with 8.5 inch combat type sight radius. Further, when unloaded it weighs only 4 pounds and a polygonal rifling with right hand twist.

This handgun masterpiece has tremendous benefits for its users includes a combination of aggressive in-your-face aesthetic that makes it iconic. The new integral compensator allows the handler to have easy control. Further, the new features of the Desert Eagle allows easy manipulation.

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