DSR 50: World’s Most Dangerous Gun

The DSR-50 Sniper Rifle is a bolt-action and anti material rifle. This was developed by DSR-precision GmbH Germany. It is essentially an up scaled DSR-1 where its general purpose is to serve as a chamber for the 0.50 BMG. The thing about this gun is that it has made a lot of improvements from its gun of origin which makes this the most dangerous gun ever made.
Specification and Design

The modifications and improvements made into this gun is the recoil buffer in butt stock and the powerful blast compensator barrel attachment. This improvements serves as a muzzle brake, it also reduce the flash and sound of the muzzle blast. The best thing it ever did was it can handle the powerful 0.50 caliber ammunition; this gun has become more valuable than other weapons available in the market.

This gun prepared into a bullpop design and the barrel is free-floating. The bipod can be folded which makes this easier to use. The folded bipod was equipped onto the upper rails; this can be located above the barrel. The adjustable horizontal front grip is equipped on the lower rails; this can be located under the barrel. The rifle has buttstock and cheekpiece which is fully adjustable. You don’t have to worry about where you will put your spare magazine because this rifle has a spare magazine holder located in the front of the trigger guard to decrease reloading time. This also features a match-grade and fluted barrel action that can be quickly interchanged and is fixed into the receiver by three screws. This makes the shooter more comfortable during firing. The bolt has a six radial lugs that lock directly into the barrel. The barrel is also protected by an aluminum handguard. The rifle has a two-staged trigger and is adjustable.

Beretta 70: the Superstar’s Gun

The Beretta 70 is a semi-automatic pistol series which was inspired by the previous pistols the 7.65 mm Beretta M1935 pistol. This gun was produced by Beretta which is based in Italy. The gun got its fame when several films use this gun as the weapon of the stars in the movie. The Beretta 70 is like a compilation of all improvements in the history of Beretta guns.
Specification and Design

This gun was the collection of improvements needed in the earlier pistol manufactured, the M1934/M1935. The swivel lever of m1934/35 is a cross-bolt safety. This was also the kind of lever equipped in the 70, but this kind of lever was difficult to operate when you are just using one hand and it could also be switched on or off depending of the kind of grip the shooter has. What the company did was to replace this cross-bolt safety with thumb-activated and frame mounted safety which can be found on most Beretta pistols in the 20th century. The trigger was made sleeker by making the trigger softer than other previous pistols the Beretta manufactured. A longer curve that tapered the top of the gun was also added for easy operation.

The magazine of this gun was also the kind of magazine used in the M1934/35, which has a spur at the front of the floor plate. The sight furnished in this gun can be fixed and adjusted. It is a single action gun and the cartridge being used is .32 ACP, .380 ACP or .22 LR. The barrel’s length, length of the gun itself and weight of the gun varies according to the kind of version it has. This gun comes with many versions. It can be fed with 7, 8, 9 or 10 round detachable magazines. This is much easier compared to the previous guns of the company.

The Gun of the History

The Walter PP or the Polizeipistol or Police Pistol is a blowback operated and semi-automatic series of pistols. This gun was designed and engineered by the German gun manufacturer, Walter. The PP and PPK series of pistols were one of the first most successful double action and semi-automatic pistols that were being copied today. The gun is reliable and concealable, which is why this is very popular among the policemen and civilians.

Design and Specification

This gun was equipped with an exposed hammer. The tradition double-action trigger mechanism, single-column magazine and a fixed barrel features can be found in this gun. The fixed barrel acts as a guide rod for the recoil spring. This pistol uses a simple blowback action. A number of safety features like firing pin block and loaded chamber indicator is being furnished in this PP series. The weight, length and barrel’s length varies among different variation of this gun. This straight blowback pistol has an average muzzle velocity of 256 m/s. The sights are fixed iron sights with rear notch and front blade. The magazine feed capacity varies according to what kind of variation the gun is but it usually ranges from 7 to 10. The cartridge used 0.32 ACP, 0.380 ACP and 0.25 ACP.

There are five variants of this gun, the PPK, PPK-L, PPKS, PP-Super and PPK/E. Among these variants the most popular was the PPK. Adolf Hitler used PPK to shot and killed himself in Berlin. This gun was also being used in James Bond films and also Ian Fleming’s novel. The PPK/E is the most advanced among the variants. The thing about this version is that the magazine cannot be interchanged with other versions of PP.

The current sole source of PP and new PPK/E series is the Smith and Wesson under license.

Bersa’s Lightweight Fierce Gun

The Thunder 380 is a fairly small semi-automatic and lightweight pistol series of the .380 ACP calibers. This lightweight pistol was introduced by an Argentine gun manufacturer Bersa. The design of this gun was inspired by the Beretta 70 pistol and the Wakther PPK. The good thing about this is that Thunder 360 can be bought by as low as the half price of PPK. The gun is concealed and is intended for civilians.

Specification and Design

This 9 mm gun is very popular in the South America. It is advisable to civilians to use .380 ACP cartridges, to acquire its maximum power. The regular version of this gun can be fed up with a 7, 9 or 10 round single stack magazines. The concealed carry, which is the most sought after version, can be fed with an 8-round single stack magazine. The muzzle velocity is up to 1050 ft/s, perfect for both civilians and security offices in the country.


The frame of this gun was made with aluminum alloy, which makes this pistol lightweight. The weight of this gun never interferes with its ability to tame recoil. This gun was best suited for female firers because of the size of its frame. The frame is small enough to be comfortably used by female shooters. No matter what the size of its frame is, the comfort of firing was never put to vain because the magazine was designed with an extra section of grip to accommodate all the fingers of the shooter. You also don’t have to worry about being hammer-bitten because the frame features a long rearward tang over the grips. Like most of the concealed guns in the market, there are also several safety features present in this gun. Automatic firing pin block can be found in some versions of this gun.

The Revolver That Conquer Half of the Globe

The Colt Single Action Army, a single shot solid frame revolver, was introduced in 1873 by Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company. This gun has been produced for so long now for about 130 years, one of the longest running productions of small guns. It is also known as Single Action Army, SAA, Model P, Peacemaker, M1873 and Colt 45. This revolver has been sold in 30 different calibers and individual barrel lengths. It is most popular with the people who work in lawsuits, ranch and people alike but today it’s been bought by collectors. This has a popular tagline “The Gun that Won the West”, from a famous piece of Americana.

Specifications and Design

It usually comes with 0.357 Magnum and 0.45 Colt but additional calibers are available through the Colt custom shop that fits accordingly to the customer. It can shoot up to six rounds single action. The barrel length has varieties; the 120 mm for civilian model, 140 mm for artillery model and 191 mm for Arm and Cavalry model. The approximated weight is 1048 g, when a 191 mm barrel is inside it. This is available in three categories which are grouped according to generation; the first, second and third.

The frame of this revolver is composed of two parts; the cylinder frame and the grip frame with the triggerguard. The thing about this gun is that it can only be unloaded and loaded when the hammer is in half-cock position. The cylinder can be removed for cleaning and inspection. Special drop-off safeties cannot be found in this gun so utmost care should be delivered when handling this revolver. It is highly recommended that in carrying this gun the chamber should be empty under the hammer or it may cause life.

Small but Terrifying

The Kalashnikov Assault rifle or also known as AK47 is developed by Mikael Kalashnikov during World War II. It is a selective fire and can only be operated with a use of a gas. The rifle has been in the market for six decades now and a lot of competitors have tried to get it out of list but the variants of this gun has remain the most popular and widely used assault rifles throughout the globe.
Features and Design

This assault rifle is a hybrid of previous rifle technology innovations. It is a combination of the world’s best features of gun: the trigger mechanism, double locking lungs and unlocking raceway of the M1 Garand/M1 carbine; the John Browning’s most trusted safety mechanism of Remighton Model 8 rifle; and the undeniably reliable gas system of the Sturmgewehr 44. But what makes this assault rifle stands out among others is that it is created for the sole purpose of bringing the shooter a simple and reliable automatic rifle that can be cheaply and quickly manufactured.

This rifle uses the same long stroke gas system to that of M1 Garand but what the manufacturer did was to associate it with greater reliability in adverse conditions. The fire selector and safety is separated in this rifle. The fire selector is located on the right side of the gun. The fire selector serves as a cover from dust. The standard magazine has a capacity of thirty rounds. You can also find ten, twenty and forty-round box in the market. All AKs, including the older models, are equipped with side rails for mounting a variety of scope and sighting device. The AK47’s accuracy has been tested for so long now and it has been proven to be beyond normal rifles available in stores.