The Silver Release of Desert Eagle .50 AE

Desert Eagle’s pistols are designed, researched, accessorized and customized in the last 25 years to cater the needs of gun enthusiasts. Desert Eagle has become a widely popular gun icon in the past years. In 2015, they are ready to market the all new Desert Eagle .50 AE. This popular icon is designed to have an all-stainless-steel frame, slide, barrel and frame rail.

According to Desert Eagle’s Vice President of sales and marketing, the line of guns that they offer has always been considered a beast among all the guns in the market. And with the release of its stainless steel hand pistol, it will definitely have an overpowering appearance at all guns stores and of course, at the shooting range.

In addition to all the strengths of the new stainless steel pistol, it is also renowned for its easy to repair capability, from minor scratches compared to other custom-finish models.

This silver release of Desert Eagle .50 AE is completely manufactured at the United States. The pistol is available in standard 6-inch barrel or and integral muzzle brake.


The market suggested retail price of the a6-inch all new stainless steel model of Desert Eagle is $1793, while the integral muzzle is priced at over $1931.



Desert Eagle .50 Stainless Steel (DE50SR) has a .50 AE caliber with single action capability. Its overall length is 10.75 inches along with a 6-inch barrel. The design offers reduced coil, less muzzle flip and and added sophisticated look.

The magazine has a 7-round capacity and an overall length of 10.75 inches with 8.5 inch combat type sight radius. Further, when unloaded it weighs only 4 pounds and a polygonal rifling with right hand twist.

This handgun masterpiece has tremendous benefits for its users includes a combination of aggressive in-your-face aesthetic that makes it iconic. The new integral compensator allows the handler to have easy control. Further, the new features of the Desert Eagle allows easy manipulation.

USA’s Beretta 1301 is Hitting the Market Loud and Proud

The newest addition to the shotgun line is Beretta’s 1301 gas operated, semi-automatic shotgun designed specifically for law enforcement and home defense. In addition, the 1301 is engineered by experts to be ultra-reliable and easy to use, it has all the features that a modern tactical shotgun must have.

The Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun is very compact in size with a total barrel length of 18.5 inches, which perfect for operating at tight spaces and has a safety mode when not in use. It is designed to be under 6.4 lbs in weight because its receiver is aluminum and a polymer stock and forend.

Easy Operation

The 1301 Tactical Shotgun has an oversized charging handle, large textured bolt release as well as an oversized reversible safety button. This special feature makes it easy to operate with any weather conditions, allowing the handler to have a safety grip and control. Further, it is equipped with a robust, protected ghost-ring system with an interchangeable front sight, providing the handler a great sight.


Easy Customization

This 1301 Tactical Shotgun is adaptable to any needs of the user. Its adjustable stock ensures the handler that it will come up naturally to your shoulder and easily point a target. Additionally, the drop and cast are also adjustable.

Fast Shooting Ability

The 1301 has a 36% faster cycle, which is faster than any other shotgun available in the stores. The integrated BLINK gas operating system is responsible for its fast cycling pace, making it also ideal for three-gun tactical competitions. It simply has greater advantages over the other users of shotguns with other brands.


The 1301 comes with a 4 pound trigger that is smooth. In addition, its reset is nice and totally crisp in appearance making its owners gun for more.

Ruger American Rifle Innovative Features

William Batterman Ruger is the man behind the Ruger American Rifle (RAR). He was able to resurrect the guns of the late 19th century, enhanced the design, then earn a lot on each new design.

Clever Curve

When designing a firearm, you normally start with the magazine, this is what Ruger engineers did in this rifle. They have done something clever. The Ruger American Rifle’s magazine is detachable, which is not rare, but it is likewise rotary, which is very uncommon in a centerfire rifle.

Instead of having a flat bottom it has a shallow four-round box. This enabled Ruger to design a slender, molded stock that follows the magazine’s profile. And because of this, it has a curved bottom, too, instead of the ordinary flat. It also has a good recoil pad.

Power Bedding System

The Ruger’s Power Bedding System is embedded in the stock, hanging beneath the front receiver ring. It has 4 angled aluminum bedding blocks that snugly fit in the receiver’s grooves. If the bedding screws are tightened, it will pull the receiver straight down as well as the wedge into position, this contributes to the rifle’s remarkable accuracy.

There are two stainless steel V blocks, bedded into the stock with upper surfaces that is carefully-machined. A slight radius is built into one surface to make up for any modifications in parts fit. On the receiver’s underside, just aft and fore of the ejection port, are sets of slots that snuggle neatly into the V-block fingers. To secure the action to the stock it has two allen head screws, and if everything is snuggled-down, you will have a metal-to-metal fit. In case the weather changes, if things get knocked around, it does not matter. The secret to accuracy is consistency, and this system is consistent.

The stock is contoured nicely and in the forearm it has built-in unique finger grooves. The RAR grip is enhanced with a molded-in gripping surface, and the magazine plastic box is easily inserted or detached.

Choosing the Best Type of Revolving Pistols

The most vital advantages of revolving pistols over other pistols are safety, strength, accuracy, and the capability to chamber different types of cartridges, which include some strong and flat shooting magnum calibers. There are two basic varieties of revolvers: double action (DA) and single action (SA). The double action revolver is the common policy style weapon. The single action is the western style revolver.

Single Action Revolver

The SA’s hammer should be thumb cocked before one can fire it. Cocking the hammer can cause the cylinder to rotate. This will bring the cartridge into firing position under the hammer. After cocking it needs a short, light press on the trigger to fire the revolver. Single action revolver has a better mode for long range shooting and precise accuracy. This type of revolver lacks the swing out cylinder. The spent cases can be removed one by one when a loading gate on the right side of the frame, behind the cylinder swung open, and the cylinder rotated manually to align each chamber with the ejector rod operated manually. The loading process is one chamber at a time, rotating each chamber into position in front of the loading gate, and then placing a new cartridge.

Double Action Revolver

The double action revolver can be thumb cocked also before firing, similar to single action. To fire the gun, a light press on the trigger is enough. However, it can also be fired by a long, hard pull on the trigger. The long trigger pull rotates the cylinder at the same time draws the hammer back. Another way of firing the pistol is by trigger cocking. This is done by locking the cylinder into firing position. The hammer and the last part trigger’s rearward movement should be all the way back, then the hammer is released, firing the pistol. This firing method is perfect for quick, close range shooting.

If you are looking for better combat guns, double action revolvers are the best option. It has a greater sustained rate of aimed fire, and fast reloading. Single action revolver is best for hunting due to its compactness, strength and western type plow handle grip.

The Best Selling Smith & Wesson Model 642 Snubnose Revolver

Model 642 snubnose revolver is one of the best selling firearm offered by Smith & Wesson in 2006. The original design was created by Col. Rex Applegate. It is known as one of the finest pocket revolvers ever manufactured.

The Smith & Wesson J-frame snubnoses have three basic form factors. The Chiefs Special standard exposed hammer like the Model 36 is the first factor. Next, the Bodyguard with a shrouded hammer, but you can still thumb cocked it and fired a single action. The Centennial is the third factors which is known as hammerless a misnomer because it has a hammer that is enclosed in the frame.

The Model 642 snubnose revolver is the stainless Airweight type of the Centennial. Originally, the Centennial models were introduced as a blue steel hammerless Model 40. The Model 642 has aluminum alloy frames with stainless steel barrels and cylinders. The weight of the Airweight revolver is around 15 ounces, if it is not loaded. It still chambered in .38 Special, and it is rated for +p ammunition. The 642 model was introduced in 1990, pulled out in the market in 1993 and was reintroduced in 1996.

It is compact, light, snag-free, easy to carry and has an excellent power to weight ratio. This model is easy to operate and is known for its reliability.

Easy to Carry

Carry-ability is a matrix of shape, size, weight and power that when stirred together provides ease and versatility. As compared to others like Kel-Tec P32 which is great on weight, shape and size but has underpowered cartridge, 642 is more favorable. The 1911 is a great shooter with a powerful cartridge, and is fairly flat, but is heavy and large.

Easy to Operate

The arms of 642 revolver are very easy to master. If you know how to pull the trigger, you can operate this one. It has three controls: the cylinder latch, the ejector rod and the trigger. Learning how to use it will only take a minute.

Newest Uzi Pistols in 2015

The Uzi brand is widely known for its yearly sales with over 2 million carbines and pistols all over the world since 1963. The Uzi Submachine Guns was invented and patented by Uziel Gal who gave its production rights to the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

The iconic submachine gun is recognized worldwide for its boxy lines and snub-nosed barrel that will sport two new models in 2015. The Uzi Pro and Uzi Pro SB will debut with plenty of offers for gun shooters.

The Uzi Pro and Uzi Pro SB Pistols are one of the many innovations from the gun industry. It now features the most advanced firearm technology with added functionality and design. The Uzi Pro is built to perfection with uncompromising performance and reliability on a powerful design.

It displays a very advanced polymer pistol grip which reduces total weight and uses an integrated magazine release button for faster and easier magazine changes.

Meanwhile, the cocking handle permits a full length Picatinny rail on the top receiver cover. It also has added functionality such as additional accessory placement due to a small Picatinny rail into its polymer body mounted just below the barrel.

The second model is the Uzi Pro SB (Stabilizing Brace), which is equipped with a side folding stabilizing brace. This was designed to aid shooters with mobility in order for them to operate and achieve greater accuracy while shooting efficiently and effectively.

Both the Pro and SB pistols feature important safety mechanisms including conventional manual thumb safety, firing pin block and a grip safety that should be depressed first before it can be cocked and fired. Further, the pistols have two magazines, one with a 20-round capacity and the other one is a 25-rounder.

Moreover, for one to own an Uzi pistol doesn’t come as easy as it can be. It comes with a price, a great price but with sufficient value.