Small but Terrifying

The Kalashnikov Assault rifle or also known as AK47 is developed by Mikael Kalashnikov during World War II. It is a selective fire and can only be operated with a use of a gas. The rifle has been in the market for six decades now and a lot of competitors have tried to get it out of list but the variants of this gun has remain the most popular and widely used assault rifles throughout the globe.
Features and Design

This assault rifle is a hybrid of previous rifle technology innovations. It is a combination of the world’s best features of gun: the trigger mechanism, double locking lungs and unlocking raceway of the M1 Garand/M1 carbine; the John Browning’s most trusted safety mechanism of Remighton Model 8 rifle; and the undeniably reliable gas system of the Sturmgewehr 44. But what makes this assault rifle stands out among others is that it is created for the sole purpose of bringing the shooter a simple and reliable automatic rifle that can be cheaply and quickly manufactured.

This rifle uses the same long stroke gas system to that of M1 Garand but what the manufacturer did was to associate it with greater reliability in adverse conditions. The fire selector and safety is separated in this rifle. The fire selector is located on the right side of the gun. The fire selector serves as a cover from dust. The standard magazine has a capacity of thirty rounds. You can also find ten, twenty and forty-round box in the market. All AKs, including the older models, are equipped with side rails for mounting a variety of scope and sighting device. The AK47’s accuracy has been tested for so long now and it has been proven to be beyond normal rifles available in stores.

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