Kel-Tec PF 9: Flattest and lightest pocket gun ever made

Kel-tec PF 9 is a sub-compact pistol described as the hybrid of PF 11 and P-3AT leading to a marketing description of “combined into the flattest and lightest single stack 9mm configuration ever made”. To be specific, it is semi-automatic, single-stacked magazine with a capacity of 7 rounds, and employs double-action only mechanism. This gun is designed to be a conceal carry sub-compact pistol that can fit your pockets during a normal day. Most people desire for pocket guns that can be easily concealed for the purpose of both survival and convenience. Kel-Tec PF 9 has positive and negative feedbacks discussed below.

Pic4The positive feedback about it is mostly about the easy handling experience. It is lighter compared to other guns with a weight of 13 oz. The shape and size is described to be: 0.9 inches of width, 5 1/2 inches of length, thin, and fits most pockets. It doesn’t have manual safety and it employs three –dot sight just enough for targeting. The recoil is just enough and comparable with other pocket pistons. But since it is light, it absorbs more recoil and most women would probably not manage it.

One of the negative feedback is about its long trigger pull. As you shoot it, you may observe slower draw because of the mentioned feature. However, with enough practice and familiarization, operating Kel-Tec can still be quite controllable. Since its barrel is only 3.1 inches long, velocity can only range from 980 to 1,000 fps which is quite low compared to other guns with longer barrel. The small slide-release catch is complicated to manage.

The bottom line is that this gun is easy to handle and has a reasonable price. It is a powerful gun enough for personal defense, slimmer, and lighter than other guns with the same intended purpose.

Heizer Defense PS1: World’s Most Powerful Small Pistol

Heizer Defense PS1 can be pertained as the perfect example of “small but terrible” guns. As suggested by the name “PS1”, Heizer Defense is called as a pocket shotgun. Its size and features are designed well to fit your pockets during a normal day. With the height of 3 7/8 inches, length of 5.7 inches, width of 0.72 inches, and weight of 25.4 ounce, keeping it on your pocket can’t bother your busy day. In the marketing of this shot gun, it is pertained to be “the world’s most powerful small pistol” and “ideal companion for hunter/fisherman/hiker”. There are surely justifiable reasons behind these claims.

Pic3To be more specific, its barrel and frame are made of stainless steel and has Matte Black ISONITE finish. You can choose from other available finish of your choice which includes Prison Pink, Military Green, Polished, etc. Handling and shooting using Heizer Defense PS1 can be a very unique experience in a positive way. Although it is small enough to make you think it’s very light, it actually has a weight just enough for you to have proper gun control.

This single shot compact pistol has an exclusive double-action-only trigger system. Compared to other compact pistol, it uses ball bearings which can surprise you that those make trigger pulling more smooth and steady. Another advantage of this gun is its durability. It is not only designed to be rugged but it is also designed to have easy maintenance. It is easy to dissemble in times you want to clean or fix it.

If you are a beginner in shooting, this is also a perfect gun for you. Compared to other guns, PS1’s recoil is quite unnoticeable. However, if the grip is not firm enough, the felt recoil can be quite distracting. Heizer Defense PS1 is perfect for everyday use to assure survival without being an expert with gun handling.

Ruger SR9c Compact Pistol: Simple yet extraordinary

Ruger SR9c is a carry handgun perfect for men and women. Its durability comes with a lot of features that make it easy to handle yet reliable. Its slide is made of alloy steel and has non-reflective black nitrate finish making it ideal for use even at bright lighted place. Its weight, length, and height are 23.40 oz., 6.85 inches, 4.61 inches, respectively. From this you can say that compared to other, SR9c is lightweight and slim. It is the compact pistol ready to fit your pockets during a normal day. Its grip is 1.27 inches in width and framed by a glass-filled nylon, therefore allows excellent gun control and minimizes recoil. Its capacity and grip size is flexible because of its standard magazine and second magazine that can hold 10 rounds and 17 rounds, respectively. The standard magazine is accessorized with a finger grip extension while the second magazine with grip adapter.

Pic1Target acquisition is enhanced by its high-visibility 3 dot sight system that can be easily adjusted for elevation and air resistance. Compared to other pistons, SR9c compact pistons are equipped with serrations on the front slide portion which allows shooters to easily manipulate it while press checking the chambers. It is also equipped with safety features namely 1911 –style ambidextrous manual safety, trigger safety, tactile loaded chamber indicator, and striker blocker, magazine disconnect, and internal trigger bar interlock.

Since it has short barrel and slide, SR9c semi-automatic pistol employs guide rod and dual captured recoil spring, making it highly dependable. This easy to use, durable, lightweight, and reliable compact pistol is one of the most advisable guns for woman. Despite providing women shooters low-maintenance handgun, the gun’s accessories and safety features are its edge to other carry handgun. This 9mm pistol is really amazing because it is dependable and most of all, simple for handling and shooting.

Walter PP or Police Pistol

The Walter PP or the Polizeipistol or Police Pistol was designed and manufactured by the German gun manufacturer named Walter. The Police Pistol is a blow back operated and semi-automatic series of pistols. It is one of the most successful double action and semi-automatic pistols copied today. The Police Pistol is reliable and easy to hide for safety purposes, so that other people won’t see it.Pic8

Design and Specification

The Police Pistol is furnished with an exposed hammer. Other special features of the PP or Police Pistol are: the traditional double-action trigger mechanism, a single-column magazine and a fixed barrel feature. The fixed barrel serves as a guide rod for the recoil spring. The pistol, uses a simple blow back action. Some safety features like firing pin block and loaded chamber indicator is furnished in this PP series. The weight and length of the pistol vary according to its design. The average muzzle velocity of the straight blow back PP is 256 m/s. The iron sights with rear notch and blade in front are fixed. The magazine feed capacity differs based on the kind and variety of the gun. It usually ranges from 7 to 10. The cartridge used 0.32 ACP, 0.380 CP and 0.25 ACP.

The Police Pistol has five variants: the PPK, PPK-L, PPKS, PP-Super and PPK/E. Among the 5 variants, the most popular is the PPK. For instance, Adolf Hitler used the PPK when he committed suicide in Berlin. The PPK was also used by James Bond films and also Ian Fleming’s novel. The most advanced version among other variants is the PPK/E. However, one disadvantage in using this version is that the magazine cannot be interchanged with the other PP versions. The latest version of the PP and the new PPK/ series is the Smith and Wesson.

Gun Holster Options For Concealed Carry

In the recent years we have seen more and more holster makers storming the gun industry.  The options to carry concealed are now better then ever. I have listed a couple of different options and I will discuss each option in depth and compare the models.


Inside The Waistband (Clip-On) – Pro Carry HD

Pro Carry HD Black FrontThe following model is called the Pro Carry HD from The Holster Store. This model is a clip-on inside the waistband leather holster. This model is great for those who need to carry concealed and live in hot climates. The holster is compact and is easy to take on or off. This particular holster is molded exactly to the weapon which is the reason it does not have a strap going over the top. The mold gives the holster enough retention to keep it from falling out of your pants while doing any outside activity.

While this is a great option for those wanting to carry a weapon inside the waistband it can have some disadvantages. When carrying inside the pants you will normally need your pants to be a tad bit larger so that you can have enough room for the gun. Another reason inside the waistband might not be your desired carry option is because of it digging or jabbing into your side. Some manufacturers offer a slide guard feature OR a cant option which protect the person from this happening to them.

The slide guard is a piece of leather that comes up the side of a holster and covers the top portion of the gun. This keeps the features or buttons of the gun from digging into your side.

The cant option comes in forward or reverse. Moving the butt of the pistol forward or backward depending on the carry style you prefer. If carrying right behind the hip, the forward option is normally selected. The reverse cant is usually chosen when the carry style is crossdraw. These two options can eliminate the gun sticking straight up and jabbing into your ribs while giving you a easier draw position.

Outside The Waistband – Belt Slide – Pro Carry 7

ProCarry7The Pro Carry 7 from The Holster Store is a perfect example of a holster worn on the outside of the pants on the belt. For those who live in colder climates and often wear a light jacket or sweater this option is very common.
This style holster can come with or without a thumb snap that locks the pistol inside the holster for better retention. Like the Pro Carry HD this holster is also specifically molded to your weapon to provide superior retention. Tightening of the belt will also keep the pistol sturdy on the waistline and have natural draw position.

Depending on which leather maker you choose the holster can be made in various ways. Some holsters let the barrel be exposed and some completely sew the bottom shut. This is more of a personal preference and is not something to ultimately consider when looking for a functioning outside the pants holster.

Most models of this type come with a built in forward cant. This give the holster a perfect draw and allows for easy one hand reholstering. The cant will vary depending on which manufacturer you choose for your leather holster.


Small of Back – Pro Carry SOB

Pro Carry SOB EbayThe following carry method is one of the most controversial styles in the industry. Carrying the weapon in the small of your back is often criticized for two reasons.

The first issue people have with carrying the weapon in the small of the back is how they are carrying it. For example in the picture of the left a person would have to reach behind them with their palm facing away from their back. When drawing the weapon you would have to sweep the gun across your body which many consider dangerous. While this is one of the most comfortable and popular ways to carry in the small of the back, you will most likely hear people argue it is wrong.

Another way to carry the pistol is with the pistol facing the other way with a extreme forward cant. This can be awkward and very hard to draw depending on how flexible your arms are.

When choosing your carry option always go with what is most comfortable and feels right. The worst thing you can do is be uncomfortable.






Shooting suspect thought cop was criminal


On a day where almost everything went wrong, Atibi Thomas and Keith Roach were lucky about one thing when they met nearly two years ago: Roach wore his bulletproof vest.

After becoming a crime victim, Atibi Thomas shot a cop in uniform.  He says he was confused.

After becoming a crime victim, Atibi Thomas shot a cop in uniform. He says he was confused.

If Roach had removed the vest when he ended his shift as an Atlanta police officer at 
3 p.m. on May 29, 2010, he would be dead and Thomas would be facing a life sentence in prison — if not the death penalty — instead of the 25 years he faces this week.

Thomas shot Roach three times when the officer was in full uniform, fracturing Roach’s rib, piercing both arms and shattering a cellphone in a pocket above the officer’s heart. Why? He said he thought the officer was a crook.

Thomas, a DeKalb County merchant who at that moment was a victim of crime, said he believed the officer to be part of a robbing crew with which he had just exchanged gunfire. Roach, who had just left work in his Chevy Tahoe, heard the gunfire and drew his .40-caliber Smith & Wesson on a fleeing Thomas, the only man he saw with a gun.

It was a moment that altered the lives of two longtime solid citizens. This week, both are looking for closure in Fulton Superior Court, where the case is scheduled to be heard. Thomas, who has refused all plea bargains, wants his record cleared. Roach believes Thomas needs substantial time in prison.

“This guy was shooting in broad daylight, and all I could do was react,” Roach said. “I was in full uniform. There is no way he could look at me and not believe I was a police officer.”

Thomas had steered clear of trouble for his 31 years and held a bachelor’s degree in mathematics with hopes of becoming an actuary. He contends he only sought to protect himself but made a horrible mistake prompted by fear, confusion and adrenaline.

“I hope the jury can understand that I am not a criminal,” he said.

District Attorney Paul Howard said Thomas originally started to surrender to Roach before shooting him. That doesn’t warrant a free pass, the prosecutor said.

“He says, ‘I shot him, let me apologize and go,’ ” Howard said. “He needs to accept responsibility.”

‘You got rims?’

According to interviews, court documents and police records, the case began when Leland Cortez Sims and Darrlin Vernard Warner walked into the Autotron in Lithonia on the Saturday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend. They wanted to buy four tires with 26-inch rims, which Thomas, a manager at the store, had advertised on Craigslist.

The deal was quickly clinched. The men paid Thomas $2,000 in cash, which included a fee to deliver the wheels to the West End in Atlanta.

Thomas loaded the tires into a truck, but before leaving to follow the customers to their residence, he handed the $2,000 to his father.

He became nervous when he saw the men’s Honda Accord peel off I-20 at Flat Shoals Road, seven exits before West End. But instead of turning around, Thomas exited at Lee Street in West End and pulled into the Shell station to phone Sims and Warner. They told him they had to stop for gas and they would be there soon.

Thomas didn’t like it. His instinct was right. Sims and Warner had already called Dontavious Marquess Berry, a then 21-year-old with a long arrest record who three weeks earlier he had gotten out of prison. Unaware the $2,000 was in Lithonia, Sims said Thomas represented “an easy lick for you.” Sims and Warner quickly picked up Berry and dropped him at the West End Mall behind the Shell station.

When Sims and Warner arrived at the station, Thomas prepared for trouble. He put his Glock .357 semi-automatic pistol, which he was licensed to carry, into his side pocket. He balked at their request to make the trade-off on a side street and instructed them to unload the rims. In moments, he said he was confronted by Berry’s revolver.

Thomas fired first, hitting Berry in the leg. He then fled toward a Popeye’s restaurant across Oak Street, firing back at the men he feared were pursuing him.

Sims drove Berry to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he left the Honda, according to the police investigation. The car was quickly connected to Warner, who then contacted police and confirmed the robbery attempt.

Sims and Berry were charged with attempted armed robbery. Thomas and Warner, who faces no charges, are the key witnesses against them.

He is the police’

But the situation quickly deteriorated at Popeye’s. Keith Roach, then 31, was sitting in his black Tahoe at an Oak Street stoplight when he heard the gunfire and saw Thomas, gun in hand, running toward the fast food restaurant. The officer got out of the SUV.

Thomas said he heard Roach tell him to halt, but despite the officer’s uniform and pointed gun, he ignored the command and ran up to the clerk at the restaurant’s window.

“I said, ‘Ma’am, I’ve been robbed. Call the police,’ ” Thomas said.

Roach again shouted for Thomas to get down on the ground, and while Thomas this time got on his stomach, he said he kept squirming to watch Roach approach, still not sure he was a lawman. He had noted Roach got out of a Tahoe with tinted windows, not a squad car.

Suddenly he felt Roach’s knee in his back, and when the officer grabbed his wrist to handcuff him, Thomas saw tattoos on the officer’s forearms.

“I’m like, this is not an officer. And that is when the struggle ensued,” Thomas said.

Who fired first is a matter of contention, but Roach’s pistol malfunctioned after one shot and ejected the clip. Thomas emptied his final three shots into Roach, who was able to hit Thomas with his pistol and wrestle him back to the ground.

“I was just fighting for my life, and I was just struggling to get his gun,” Roach said. “An officer’s worst nightmare is to draw a weapon and it doesn’t fire.”

The larger Thomas soon was atop Roach, who was trying to turn the muzzle of Thomas’ gun away from his face.

“I said, ‘Don’t move or I will kill you,’ ” Thomas said.

Donald Melvin, a 64-year-old Decatur contractor, and his wife watched the struggle from their car across the street. He feared that Roach was about to be killed and thought of his own son, a DeKalb County police officer.

A Vietnam War veteran, Melvin stepped on the gas and drove his Pathfinder’s bumper into Thomas’ back. But not even that could stop the struggle. Melvin said he next tried to pull Thomas off the officer.

“He started telling me [Roach] is not a police officer, and I told him he was a police officer … don’t you see that shirt?” Melvin said.

While Melvin’s wife, Paulette, called 911 — the dispatcher placed her on hold — it was Melvin who reacted. He recovered Roach’s pistol, pointed it at Thomas and pulled the trigger.

Misfire. He cocked the gun and pulled the trigger again. Again nothing. He then began pistol-whipping Thomas.

As more people joined in to help, Melvin saw the pistol’s magazine was ejected. He slammed it in tight and chambered a round.

“I told [Thomas] you need to get down this time because I will kill you,” Melvin said.

A small crowd helped Roach get Thomas handcuffed, and the wounded officer lay across him until patrol cars arrived minutes later. Thomas was quickly placed under arrest, even as he explained that he was the victim.

“Once I saw the police cars pull up, I felt safe,” Thomas said.

Sending a message

Thomas, who is out on bail, believes he has a 50-50 chance of staying a free man. For that to happen, the jury will have to believe he made an honest mistake while acting in self-defense.

Howard, the district attorney, said he believes that Thomas shot Roach out of anger, not error. “For whatever reason, his emotions got the best of him and he almost killed a good man,” Howard said.

Melvin said the case is a no-win situation. He said letting Thomas walk free would send the message to thugs that they can escape prison if they shoot a cop. He understands Thomas had a clean record and was on the verge of starting a second profession when his world turned upside down.

“It is a hard case for that young man, and I hate to see it be that way,” Melvin said. “You can’t say how scared he was or why he couldn’t understand the guy was a police officer. But if he doesn’t go to jail, it will look like he can shoot a police officer and get away with it.”

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